Big Boobs vs. Big Brains: Guess Which Girls Want More?

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young woman measuring her bustWhenever I overhear young women obsessing over every square inch of their physical appearance, I start to mentally curse Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria's Secret or Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. Grr. How dare these superficial "stars" brainwash young women into thinking that all they have to offer the world are their bodies.

Unfortunately, it seems like the problem isn't isolated in random locker or fitting rooms. It's widespread -- a disease. A new survey of over 1,000 young women 18-25 from the website found that almost half would rather have a larger bust than a higher IQ. And about 40 percent would rather be slim than smart

The fact that the year is 2012 and statistics like these exist isn't just alarming or nauseating. It's terrifying.

We should all be afraid -- very, very afraid. To read something like this is to have to swallow a bitter pill that, in many ways, it's as if the women's movement has taken a giant LEAP backward. And worse yet, it appears that far too many really young females are believing that being hot/sexy/beautiful/attractive is more important than being intelligent. Why else would so many in the 18-25 demo be answering this way? It's not like they just decided last night that they'd rather be "hot" than brainy. The idea's been seeping in over time.

It should go without saying that a belief like that is incredibly disenfranchising to women. Thankfully, I really do believe most of us want so much more for our sisters, daughters, granddaughters, for future generations. 

Maybe that's why we can't keep pointing the finger at Paris, Kim, Snooki, Victoria Beckham for selling a damaging image. We have to take responsibility for the problem ourselves, because whether or not we want to admit it, we too are at fault for perpetuating the toxic message. For telling girls they should "watch their weight" (instead of "be healthy, active, eat mindfully/colorfully"), for judging other women's appearances in front of our girls, or even for telling our girl she's so "pretty," "thin," "slim," "svelte," "gorgeous," forgetting she should be hearing how she's smart, funny, witty, interesting, creative, thoughtful, etc.

After all, when faced with scary stats like these, we might want to turn off the TV, hide magazines, cancel cable and Netflix, but we'll never be able to completely shield girls from the sexist spell the media is selling. All we can control is our behavior and the message we're sending ... which should be that brainy is what's beautiful.  

Does this survey scare you, too?

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nonmember avatar Shelly

Seriously? 1,000 18-25 year old women are supposed to represent the entire population of women?? Those are hardly statistics.

nonmember avatar JustMe

Its not just media etc. and really if you think about it it may have been the "either or" way the question was posed. Studies have shown beautiful people are generally more trusted, more noticed, have an easier time socially/in the workplace (promotions, raises, or even beign hired making more) then thier less attractive counterparts. I grew up being called "The Smart One" but no matter how smart and funny I was I was never given the attention that "The Pretty One" (my older sister) was. When i made good grades I was appluded and given awards, but she only had to show up to get people to fawn over her. This issue is both social and inate in my experience, heck even BABIES (the most unbiased group available) prefer pretty faces. So even though I'm funny (at least I think so) and smart (my Mom thinks so LOL) I was still largely unnoticed until I lost some weight (thin didn't help in High School, I had horrible skin and bad hair LOL) got my skin looking nice, bought some nice clothes and started wearign make-up that I seemed to be taken seriously (really, my ideas were brushed off and then 6 months the SAME ideas were the next best thing)

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Maybe they're just smart enough to know that IQ is essentially irrelevant in real life. The fact is that an extra cup size will almost always benefit a woman more in business than an extra ten points on their IQ, at least until they're in DD territory. Hard work is far more important than IQ.

I have both an impressive bust and an impressive IQ and I'm quite sure that my boobs have benefited me more in business and life than my IQ has. I'm quite sure that my husband found both stats equally appealing.


I would give up my size 38dd for a c cup to be smarter.

witch... witchkiss

I have more than enough of both(36F/144 IQ).  I would gladly sacrifice several cup sizes to be even smarter!

starl... starlight1968

lol I often kid with dh that I went through the "boob" line 3times (I'm a DDD) and thought it was the "Brain" line ....But, I'm still pretty darn smart!!

Disney17 Disney17

I honestly love my boobs. I mean, sometimes I see girls with bigger breasts and think "gosh, my boyfriend would love if I had breasts like those," but he says he likes them so I guess it's all good.

MistyMoo MistyMoo

I would MUCH rather have a higher IQ than bigger breasts.. If I am smart enough to get an education and then get a good job from that education then I can earn the money to 'fix' my body.. I don't feel as though I need to change my appearance though.. Even though my breasts are like nonexistent lol.. I like me the way I am!

nicko... nickolleen

Ultimately, I'm glad I am smart, but sometimes it sucks! The old saying, "ignorance is bliss" is right on. Overthinking things is stressful, and I also get annoyed with less than intelligent people rather quickly.

Pinst... Pinstripes4

Nickolleen, I totally empathize and overthink things to a fault. However, for the both of us, what is truly sad is that we probably won't hear too much about a man who claims to be burdened by his intellect. I don't doubt that they may exist, but I've yet to meet one.

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