Mom Shouldn't Have Posted Teen's Embarrassing 'Wisdom Teeth' Video Online (VIDEO)

teen after dentistHere we go again. Remember that YouTube video that made the rounds a few years ago of that poor little boy all drugged up after the dentist ("Is this real life?")? And you know how it, bizarrely, sparked a rash of other drugged-up, post-dentist videos taken by the loved ones of these poor patients? Well, there's a new one. This time of an adorable teenage girl. Taken (and I presume uploaded) by her mother. Thanks, mom!



First, watch the video. Then we'll discuss.

Poor girl, right? To me (disclaimer: speaking as someone who doesn't have a teenager), it just seems like this girl needs her mother right now -- to comfort her, not to make her an Internet laughing stock.

I'm all for posting videos of cute babies dancing. And of course I'll watch a clip of an adorable toddler lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj any day. But can we draw the line at teenagers? Especially when they're practically unconscious and totally incoherent? It's mean and it's inviting ridicule. I would have killed my mother if she ever did anything like this to me when I was in high school. And YouTube didn't even exist back then.

So, whaddya say? How about we stop uploading videos to the Internet of pre-teens and teens when they're at their most vulnerable and defenseless. Whaddya say, instead, we, you know, just be there for them?

Would you upload a video of your teen like this? How would you feel if somebody did this to you?


Image via jdresmini/YouTube

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