Mom Shouldn't Have Posted Teen's Embarrassing 'Wisdom Teeth' Video Online (VIDEO)

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teen after dentistHere we go again. Remember that YouTube video that made the rounds a few years ago of that poor little boy all drugged up after the dentist ("Is this real life?")? And you know how it, bizarrely, sparked a rash of other drugged-up, post-dentist videos taken by the loved ones of these poor patients? Well, there's a new one. This time of an adorable teenage girl. Taken (and I presume uploaded) by her mother. Thanks, mom!


First, watch the video. Then we'll discuss.

Poor girl, right? To me (disclaimer: speaking as someone who doesn't have a teenager), it just seems like this girl needs her mother right now -- to comfort her, not to make her an Internet laughing stock.

I'm all for posting videos of cute babies dancing. And of course I'll watch a clip of an adorable toddler lip-syncing to Nicki Minaj any day. But can we draw the line at teenagers? Especially when they're practically unconscious and totally incoherent? It's mean and it's inviting ridicule. I would have killed my mother if she ever did anything like this to me when I was in high school. And YouTube didn't even exist back then.

So, whaddya say? How about we stop uploading videos to the Internet of pre-teens and teens when they're at their most vulnerable and defenseless. Whaddya say, instead, we, you know, just be there for them?

Would you upload a video of your teen like this? How would you feel if somebody did this to you?


Image via jdresmini/YouTube


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Stacey. Stacey.

Most likely the daughter knows her mom did this, and didnt care. Do you really think her teen is that oblivious? Both of them probably thought it was humorous. Sometimes is good to find some comic relief in the everyday seriousness that is life. Loosen up a little.

Carol Patricia Theran

This video is pretty old as far as the internet goes. I'm fairly certain if the teen didn't want it up, the mom wouldn't have posted it. Besides, I fail to see the point in writing an article condemning a mother for posting the video, calling for people to be more mindful of what they post when you yourself posted the video. Hello pot, this is kettle.

nonmember avatar Foreign

Stupid article...

Subur... SuburbanMom190

I agree with you. I think there's definitely a lot of over-sharing going on, especially with little ones. I think people need to think more before posting things. Who knows if the daughter wanted this posted or not. If she did then fine but if she didn't there's little she could have done to get it off the internet. Once it's out there it's out there and the damage is done.

bb510 bb510

I think it's hilarious personally.

Steph... Steph1499

I think its actually funny and cute.  lol  I would video my teen maybe not put it on youtube but Im sure once shes come down off the meds she will think its funny. 

newma... newmamma08

i still thought this was funny though 

Jesi Pierson Strub

I would have done it if it were my daughter. It's funny!


jalaz77 jalaz77

Pretty sure the daughter said it was fine. She is a damn teenager and what damn teenager doesn't want to be on youtube???? I would record my dd but keep it between us and whomever she wants...

Marie Tyler Wiley

I wouldn't do this to anyone...Especially a child. It's rediculous.

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