Girls' Facebook Photos Are Stolen & Featured on the Ickiest of Places

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FacebookAnother day, another warning about what horrible things could happen to our kids if they use Facebook. And before you roll your eyes and say, "Not my kid," you should know the teen girls from Massachusettes who had their Facebook photos stolen by a porn site were actually doing things "right." At least, they weren't taking naughty pictures and putting them up on the Internet.

The hijacked photos that prompted an FBI investigation and eventual take down of a portion of the site showed the girls fully clothed. Yes, you read that right. The kids targeted by creeps were truly innocent.

Still thinking "not a problem with my kid?" Because this one scares the pants off of me.

It's the fact that the pics were so blah that really gives me the heebie jeebies. I'll cop to having rolled my eyes in the past at parents who freak out about every little thing online. Just because a pervert sees a photo of your kid doesn't mean they can do anything worse than they would if they were sitting behind a tree at the public park taking photos of your kid ... which I should note they can legally do.

But these girls' benign photos became a problem when they were stolen and placed on the porn site along with personal information about the girls including the towns they lived in and the schools they attend. That's pretty easy stuff to get off of even the most savvy teen's Facebook page. All a sicko had to do was see a pretty face, note their hometown, and start stalking.

The problem is most people who lock down the "walls" of their pages still leave their "info" up for grabs. And the Facebook set-up, which encourages users to join a network for their school and list a hometown, doesn't help. Kids don't even have to leave their albums open ... all it takes is a profile photo, and the creeps have their in.


And now that I have you all worked up, how about a little good news? A Pew Internet report released last year shows more than half (58 percent) of teenagers actually count on their parents for advice about how to handle themselves online. So if you speak up now, there's a good chance you can prevent your kid's picture from being the next one to end up on a porn site.

What information is visible to the outside world from your kids' Facebook pages?

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Nycti... Nyctimene

Eh. This isn't anything new. Porn sites have been stealing photos off Myspace long before Facebook even existed. Not all porn sites are about sex, a lot of them do revolve around clothed / semi clothed pictures of 'the girl next door' and 99.999% of those photos are stolen from somewhere.

Adding of personal information is bad but ultimately you have to basically be alright wtih the fact that ANYTHING you put up online is probably going to end up somewhere you don't want it to. If that's going to cause you to lose sleep, you probably shouldn't be putting the stuff up online in the first place.

Sierr... SierraLynn

Shelter. Nothing new. People are so insane about pro act issues when site like Facebook give you these options. Parents need to take initiative and set these privacy settings themselves. I have always had mine to where the only thing someone who is not my friend can see is my profile pic and name. It's not hard and doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Sierr... SierraLynn

Privacy issues*

nonmember avatar Estella


Dontribi Dontribi

HAHAHA...Privacy...Internet and privacy are two words that shouldn't be used in the same sentence.  You post something on the "World Wide Web" and expect it not to be accessible to the world!  Its like the craigslisters that want to meet in a neutral location for security purposes. When it only takes 2 minutes using your email address to find out where you live (facebook), where you work (linkedin), birthdate/current address/phonenumber (zabasearch).  People just need to use common sense and don't post it if you don't want it seen.

kisse... kisses5050

 There is no privacy...EVER..once something is posted it will be able to be accessed by someone somehow... sorrrrrry but settings are just a false sense of security.

Rowan... RowansMommy9810

My best friend had something like that happen to her when we were in high school. Her dad was online and got one of those stupid "there are 4 girls in your area that want to meet you!" and there was her picture.

They emailed the site and the picture was taken down, but it gave us all the creeps.

panda... pandafish87

ds is 3 & doesn't have a fb pg. but I have pix of him up on my pg. & it's totally open. I put my HOMETOWN on my pg., but NOT where I ACTUALLY live (5 hrs away)

vickywog vickywog

If when my kids decide to use facebook, or whatever social media site at the time, I will be sure to have everything blocked, you can't even look for me, I have to find you, i let friends of friends find me, but I'd block that too for them, no information unless it's friends already on facebook who you know! No matter what kind of site, it's important to protect your kids, too many pervs getting into the home through the comp these days, but that's another story. This reminds me of the story of the lady on video nursing her daughter, and the video was stolen and put on a porn site, they took shots of her nursing and put a lady that looked like her naked and masturbating. They put her name and the baby's name, and she happen to find it one day when she googled her own name. :(

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