Dad Uses Gun to Teach Disrespectful Daughter a Public Lesson (VIDEO)

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Tommy JordanHere's the thing about parenting. Some of the things we do because we love our kids so darn much is the very stuff that makes the ungrateful little twerps hate us. And this is where two groups of parents diverge in the wood, so to speak. Most of us just grin and bear the teenagers' angsty attitudes. And there's Tommy Jordan, dad of 15-year-old Hannah, who took the road less traveled.

The North Carolina father printed out his daughter's 'tude-filled diatribe about how much she hates her parents from her Facebook page and decided to make a YouTube video to set her straight. He read her entire rant about how unfair her life is (sooooob) and explained one by one, why her parents' expectations that she pitch in around the house are part of being a member of the family. And then things got really interesting.

If you want the really good stuff, you can jump to around the 7:15 mark, but you'll miss a lot of good stuff along the way:

Way to go Dad! Can I get this dude's autograph? He needs to be out there doing discipline workshops for the mamby pamby parents who are too scared to actually tell their kids no! I especially like uploading this to her Facebook page to scare the other kids -- nice touch!

I mean, I probably wouldn't have taken a gun to my kid's laptop (I would have kept the thing for myself or given it to a teen in the community who doesn't have the funds to buy something so nice). And I would have appreciated it if he could actually put the cigarette down (!), but I need to bookmark this video to rewatch the next time I want to give in on one of my 6-year-old's meltdowns because I'm afraid of coming off like a meanie. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

By the time your kids are in the teen years, they are well on their way to adulthood. How teenagers act is a sign of what kind of adult they're going to be. You only have so many years left to set them straight. And if a kid is thinking like Hannah, she (or he), NEEDS to be set straight.

Sorry kids, but doing chores around your own home is not slavery (although I should note there are parents who take it way too far, the described chores in this video sound pretty tame). Chores are a way of teaching kids teamwork and responsibility. They're part of contributing to a household in preparation for contributing to society. Good parents give their kids chores!

And good parents deserve their kids' respect just as much as their love. But sometimes we have to remember that respect has to be earned. We shouldn't be afraid to show our strong side.

Would you do anything Tommy Jordan did?


Image via alornmage/YouTube

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Lovin... LovingKentucky

I was only disappointed that he didn't find a better purpose for the laptop.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

Well you   KNOW!   that's right  !

Zamaria Zamaria

WOOOOOHOOOOO! GO DADDY!!!!!! He could have donated the laptop, but at the same time, it probably made it a little bit more painful to see it shot like that. I would have kept it for myself and put a password on it so she couldn't use it, but I love that he posted the video to her Facebook wall for all her friends to see! LOL!

nonmember avatar chicab

Awesome video. Score one for the parents.

cassi... cassie_kellison

I agree, I wish he had given it to someone else, but the drama really sent home his point!

the3Rs the3Rs

Though it would have been nice to donate it to someone else, I think the bullets will leave a stronger impression.   Go Dad!!

mustb... mustbeGRACE

On second thought, though, I can hear Judge Judy saying, "You CAN'T  do that Mr. So and So you owe

                her a laptop! "


Momst... Momsthename0609

I think shooting the laptop for a vent on Facebook was a little bit excessive, IMO there could have been worse things that their daughter could be doing. Did she need to be disaplined? If she was in fact lying or exaggerating the extent of her chores then absolutely because lying is unacceptable, but I can not help but think there could be a better way to get a point across.

Loref... Lorefield

Oh man, this would kill my daughter to see her laptop brought down in a blaze of glory.

Lucky for her she is quite a bit more respectful than that little girl!

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