Dumb High School Students Need Your Help Now! (VIDEO)

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lunch scholarsMy fellow American parents, it is time to ask yourself: "Is my kid really smart or do I just think that because I created him or her?" Because a lunch scholars video created by a Washington teenager has given us a rare look inside the minds of the typical high school student. And they are some dark and scary places indeed.

Parents, lurking in the heart of America, there are teenagers who cannot answer basic questions about the world around them. It's a wonder they can walk, talk, and chew bubblegum all at the same time with their sheer ineptitude. And if you think I'm being too hard on them, let me sum up the nightmare in one terrifying sentence for you:

There are apparently teenagers in this country who believe that "bin Laden" is the vice president of the United States.

Be afraid, my friends. Be very, very afraid. For what you are about to see is our future:

Come on! Barack Obama is even on Facebook, kids should know who he is! And if they can't remember we're bordered by Mexico because someone actually taught them in grade school, the fact that MTV takes its Spring Break special there every other year (or so it seems) should at least have clued them in? No wonder one day without Wikipedia was like the apocalypse had come!

I would sit here fretting about our future as a country if this is who will be running things in a few decades, but I'd prefer we don't let it get that far. So I'm begging you, fellow parents, to take off the rose-colored glasses and ask your kids these questions. In case you didn't catch them all, here you go:

  • Do you know the capital of Washington State (feel free to replace with your state)?
  • Can you name one Democratic candidate from the 2012 presidential campaign?
  • Do you know the vice president of the United States?
  • In what war did the US gain its independence?
  • Can you name all of the countries that border the United States?
  • Can you think of a country that starts with the letter U?
  • How many stars are on the flag?

Do you think your kid will pass? Could YOU pass?


Image via Senior12913612/YouTube

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lifeh... lifehappy

Oh dear... I couldn't watch past the first minute. That is frightening.

tigge... tigger238

Before everyone starts grouping all teenagers together, I'm a teen and I knew the answer to all the questions. The teenagers in that video are simply dummies!

nonmember avatar Cass

Sigh... People, please remember that not all teenagers are like this. Many of us are intelligent and eager to further our intellectual boundaries. Your parents said that you were incompetent ne'er do wells too, yet you seem to think that you're perfect. Today's teenagers are no worse than you were- despite your hindsight insisting otherwise.

Littl... LittleFrogsMA

Wasn't that created by a high school student?    His opinion of those he selected to ask was clearly quite low.  The question is how representative the students on this video are of the school (and the generation) in general.   My guess is that he picked the low hanging fruit and that as a whole this generation is no stupider than any other.

Loref... Lorefield

Adults have been freaking out over childrens lack of knowledge for decades and we aren't dead yet :)

While it is a little alarming that some of these kids don't even know who the vice president is, or that we share a border with Mexico, I don't really see this as some sort of panic inducing crisis. These are kids! The most important things to them are prom, dating, friends.... Let them have their bubble for now, because when they grow up, they won't be able to ignore the ways of the world.

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

I'm sure he just picked some of the less intelligent students to ask, I could have answered all of those questions in high school and so could most of my friends. Did anyone else think it was hilarious when the girl answered Bill Clinton and he said "Correct-ooooo" That killed me for some reason.

Stacey. Stacey.

I honestly feel like my education in life didnt even start until after I graduated. I hated school so much, but once I got out and realized i was clueless to the world around me I started craving knowledge and started experiencing things for myself. Most of these teens will eventually grow into adults who contribute to society, but personally I know when I was in high school the last thing I thought about was politics, and i couldnt even tell you who the VP was.

Iris0409 Iris0409

I'm 100% confident that my own teenage son could answer any and all of the questions posed in this video; however, I am also 100% confident that several of his friends would have provided the same answers as the students featured, or worse. So, while it's definitely not representative of all teens, I think the premise is sound. There are really dumb teenagers who don't care to know anything, and think it's pretty funny that they don't. I would be so sad if my kid were like that...

ms_mo... ms_morgan

Ok, I'm 25, so I still remember my high school years and how HS kids thought....It looks to me that the majority of these kids are just trying to be cute/funny in front of a camera.  The girls are all giggling because the boy can be considered cute, the guys act all aloof because they want to seem cool, and I bet that ALL of these kids knew that this would be posted somewhere, and no one wants to look like a "nerd" who knows all the questions.  Plus, he obviously picked out the clips that made the kids look the dumbest.  I still think that education in schools can be approved on, and that less is expected of kids these days academically, but I don't really think this video is a fair assesment of that.

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