And This Is Why I Carry Pepper Spray on My Keychain


Pepper sprayI doubt many of you venture over to World Star Hip-Hop. It’s a classless website that posts homegrown clips of anything and everything — booty-shaking strippers, random fights caught on the street, C-list rappers’ latest videos. You can expect to say “oh my God” at least five times and shake your head profusely until you click off. It’s a mess.

Yesterday, someone posted a 3-minute, 51-second video of an old guy on a public bus stroking his man meat through his pants. Then, when the sensation apparently got too good for him to control himself, he whipped his piece out and commenced to masturbating. Again, on the bus. With people in front and beside him.

Hence the title of this post. He would’ve been down for the count as soon as I saw him reaching for that zipper. 

Now, I could pontificate all day about the trifling-ness of this man’s behavior and how he ought to thank his lucky stars someone didn’t knock him upside his perverted head for pulling such a nasty trick. And normally, I wouldn’t even give a clip like this the attention or the traffic.

But this right here is the very reason why I’m so hesitant to let Girl Child have the freedom she thinks she’s ready to enjoy. I don’t even know what I would do if a dude started pleasuring himself in the seat next to me and I like to think I’m pretty street smart. But despite my best efforts to prepare her for all kinds of distasteful encounters, I’m positive my 13-year-old would be devastated. I’ve just never prepped her for the what-to-do-in-case-a-man-pulls-out-his-penis-and-starts-going-in scenario.

I posted a few months ago about how her father seems to believe she’s old enough to ride the MegaBus or Greyhound by herself from DC to New York. I’ve always said no to that. I just wouldn’t be able to rest easy. So I’ve saddled up to ride the bus with her, drop her off, then hop immediately back on a return bus to head home to the District. It’s out of the way and my ticket is an unnecessary expense, but there are crazy people out there. And this man is proof positive.

I don’t know how old she’ll have to be before I feel comfortable with her traveling long distances by herself, but I know for a fact that 13 ain’t it. Next year, she’ll be a high school freshman and she’s already asking if she can take the subway and the city bus to school instead of me dropping her off. I’ve managed to dodge the decision with a tentative “we’ll see.” I don’t want to coddle or baby her. I want her to be able to think quick on her feet and respond to situations accordingly. But if I can protect her just a little while longer, I’m going to do just that.

Next time her dad rides my coattails about being too overprotective, I’m just going to send him this link. Not argue, not defend myself. Just send this link. Particularly since the interior of this bus bears an unsettling resemblance to the ones here in DC.  

It’s a wonder that anybody with kids and Internet access lets their children out of the backyard, much less go anywhere without the watchful eye of parental supervision. Before the world wide web, we used to have to just guess about the number of freaks and weirdos that lie in wait out there. Now with camera phones and the upload feature, it’s painful to see how many people are roaming free and uncaged that you hope your kids never, ever run up against.

I’m thinking self-defense classes would be a good idea. Thirteen seems like the ripe age for them. Wouldn’t hurt me to have a refresher, either. Kind of a mother-daughter bonding against the evils of the world outing. I’m adding that to my to-do list right now.

How have you prepared your kids to be out and about on their own?

Image via wstryder/Flickr

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tnyangel tnyangel

Just a thought, but "Old Guy" could be  rocking some dementia or beginning Alzheimers and you would be pepper spraying the elderly, sick man. Just saying, that's why the police are supposed to handle such things so they can be reported to the Adult Protective Services.

nonmember avatar Graciesmom

Yes, the world is a scary place. But I think it is key to teach your children that the only thing you can fully control is your reaction. The man in the video is likely mentally unstable as a result of drugs or mental illness. Spraying him with pepper spray when he doesn't pose an immeadiate threat is not only silly but could be dangerous. Maybe you should do some research and educate your daughter to handle such a situation when ur not around because you can't be there forever. That would serve he better than riding with her on that bus. Plus, spraying pepper spray in an enclosed environment is just dumb. Learn how to use it if ur gonna carry it.

tayanna2 tayanna2

When I was 20 I worked as the 3rd shift manager at a popular convienance store chain. One night at 3 am a man walked in and was taking a long time selecting from the candy aisle so I started watching him closer to make sure he wasn't stealing. Nope, not stealing - masturbating! I hit my personal alarm and the police arrested him. Two weeks later he shows up and does it again! After the THIRD time, I transferred to the morning shift.

nonmember avatar MJ

I actually had this happen to me while taking the city bus. Best part is I was stuck in the window seat while he was in the aisle seat, so I couldn't alert the driver. Thankfully that type of situation only happened once.

mikki318 mikki318

hes been in karate since age 6, hes 12 now and really really good.  Sept 2009, when he was in 4th grade he started walking to hte bus stop (up 2 houses, and cross the street, 4 minute walk) on his own. 

 in 2 years, he will have to start taking the boston public bus system on his own.  Hes been in a special program since first grade that allows him to go to school in a different city (awesome school where doctors/rich people  live and send their kids to) but they only provide school busses until 8th grade.  i can't drive him and pick him up so i will have no choice.

i feel confident.  hes got skills in Karate, knows how to defend himself and he's getting tall now.  so in 2 years he should be really really good. i think i might get him a cell phone and ban ipods while walking and on the bus.  I try to teach him to know his surroundings at all times. 


i say give your daughter a cell phone, teach her to always be aware (take off the headphones/no chatting on phone etc), giver her pepper spray and the self defense class.  good luck

Steph... Steph1499

OMG  If it were me and I saw that.  I would have pulled the stun gun from my purse (yes I have a hand held) and told him to either put his junk back in his pants or I would taser him.  How gross. 

missn... missnickia

I've been traveling alone since I was 8. Planes greyhound you name it I did it.

missn... missnickia

I've been traveling alone since I was 8. Planes greyhound you name it I did it.

nonmember avatar zizzler

not that big of a deal. Cities have mentally ill people, it's just a part of living in a big town. I would think my kid would gtfo the bus asap, and as for me I would have called the cops (NOT pepper sprayed him). There's a mentally ill guy who comes into our library all the time and tries to masturbate. You think I should pull a gun on him? Or am I adult enough to keep cool and alert the authorities?

jessi... jessicasmom1

come on now .. pepper spray was not needed it was abit much no?  this man should not have been doing that in public ... yet some how alert someone.

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