Amber Portwood Needs to Hit Rock Bottom to Get Her Life Back


amber portwood leahThe latest news about Amber Portwood (and yes, there is still more news) pretty much proves that the struggling young mother has now officially made the transition from "Teen Mom star" to, simply, "addict." Portwood has been accused of violating her probation for failing to show up at two scheduled drug screenings and for possession of a controlled substance (as yet unidentified).

It's sad, of course. But we know that already. We know that it's sad for Portwood and even more sad for her little daughter Leah and it's sad for everyone involved.

But now we know something else. We know that Portwood is, without a doubt, an addict. And so we know that as tragic and train wreck-ish as her life has been lately, it's going to get worse. It has to get worse.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Because every addict has to hit bottom -- rock bottom -- before recovery can truly begin.

We're all rooting for Portwood. I really think that's the case -- no matter how frustrated we get with the girl, everyone watching would be happy and relieved to see her pull it together and become the kind of woman her daughter can respect.

And so we've groaned and cringed every time she's screwed up. Not again! But that was coming from the perspective of every misstep taking her one step further away from the goal: To be a healthy, functional human being and mother.

Now, I think, it's time to look at her situation differently. Like, we know she's going to have to crash and burn big time -- BIG TIME -- before she starts to really turn her life around. It's the classic addiction/recovery pattern, and Portwood is not above this cycle. She is not immune.

So you know what? Let her go to jail. Let her end up in solitary. Whatever needs to happen, let it happen already. Before any more of her life is wasted.

Do you think Amber Portwood has hit rock bottom yet?


Image via MTV

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ashja ashja

I don't know how that baby got such a beautiful, classic face with those two parents, but she is truly lovely! Hope Amber gets her act together but, unfortunately, most addicts hit rock bottom many times before they either get better or die.

Judes... JudesMama7411

There's a misconception out there that addicts have a choice. Their only choice was the first time they got high. After that, the drug consumes their life. Amber does have the means to get help; most addicts don't have that luxury. Hopefully jail will be rock bottom for her, but it might not be.

Kritika Kritika

My thoughts exactly ashja! That girl is precious!

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

What is she an "addict" of? She's a classic case of white-trash.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

What an ignorant statement! Addicts do not need to hit rock bottom before they can recover. That sort of attitude can stop people from seeking help. People can seek help before losing everything and they do every day. I know people who have managed to shake addictions that their families and friend's didn't even know about. The most recent and famous example that comes to mind is Daniel Radcliffe. He had a drinking problem, recognized it, and quit. As far as I know he's not back on the sauce and it's been about a year since he quit. It didn't affect his work to any great extent and most of his friend's didn't even realize he had an issue so clearly he didn't need to hit rock bottom, not even close.

Stacey. Stacey.

No and saying "Because every addict has to hit bottom -- rock bottom -- before recovery can truly begin." is so effin ignorant. For lots of addicts rock bottom is death. An addict has to truly want to change and get better to recover, not die or almost die.

ashja ashja

Hmmm that's a good point, I didn't think about people who take care of it before it ruins their lives, I guess I do know a couple people like that too. For Amber, however, she's clearly past that point. I think AA and other organizations have drilled down on that "rock bottom" statement for so long, it seems standard. In Amber's case, I don't know if the bottom can get much lower than losing custody and going to jail. I really see her more as a lifer than someone who will turn it around, I just don't think she has the skills.

Littl... LittleFrogsMA

I just left my husband after watching him battle alcohol, depression, anxiety and PTSD for the past two years.  It ended with him on the streets looking for sex.    When I found out and confronted him, he lied (in a remarkably nasty voice.. perhaps to dissuade agreement), denied it, wanted credit for taking condoms with him (which is how I found out) and then blamed me.     By the time that conversation was over, he thought he had talked himself out of whatever trouble he was in and I was silently furious and quietly planning.    I was out the door a week later.


Addicts do sometimes get help before rock bottom and sometimes that isn't enough and they keep drinking.  Sometimes rock bottom and help still isn't enough and they keep drinking.    Frankly, the odds are good that he will lose his job and end up on the streets or dead.


What I have learned through all this is that I can't fix him, that the safety and mental health of myself and my children come first, and that the mental health system in our country is borderline non-existant.   There are not enough psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists and insurance/the state do not make utilizing what services are available easy or affordable.

hutch... hutchfam2007

I think you are right, I know I AM rooting for Amber. I really hope she gets it together. I knew she had a problem with medications... that was very obvious last season on Teen Mom and especially the follow up episode with Dr. Drew... but controlled substances were off my radar. My guess is that she got caught with some pot in her car when she got into an accident last week. This will violate her probation (as well as not showing up to see her probation officer) and she could do some real jail time, for this, and for the Domestic Abuse that she was on probation for. I truly hope she pulls it together... but I always look for that sliver of hope. I have dealt with addiction in my family and I always hope for a good outcome. I feel truly bad for Leah as one day she will have to grow up and read EVERY single little negative thing her mother ever did. Thats the true tragedy here...

GlowW... GlowWorm889

An addict doesn't have to hit "rock bottom" to change. Having relatives who are addicts, the thing I've come to realize is that the addict has to want to change. No amount of help is going to help someone who does not acknowledge that they have a problem, does not take responsibility for their actions, and likes themselves the way they are--as an addict. They have to want to change for rehab and therapy to help.

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