Minnesota High School Kissing 'Prank' Is an Incestual Grossout (VIDEO)


Parenting teens can be complicated and difficult I am sure. Having never been there, I can officially say I am in no way looking forward to it. Even still, I am fairly certain the same general rules of conduct apply when our children become teens and one of the main ones is: Don't make out with your own kids. It seems like this should be a no-brainer but for some parents in Minnesota, that memo apparently missed them.

It went something like this: As part of a "prank," Minnesota high school students were blindfolded and kissed passionately by "mystery" people who happened to be their own parents. Are you grossed out yet? Try this one: The parents were NOT blindfolded. Ew, ew and double ew.

If you can stomach it, see it below:

How could ANYONE find this funny? It is revolting, in fact. The principal has since apologized:

This activity was intended to be fun, but some found it offensive. We apologize to anyone who was offended by this activity.

How could the principal have thought this was "fun," but more, how could the parents? Seriously? What is in the water there? If my husband kissed our daughter like that first dad, I would file a restraining order against him and what is UP with the mom who moved her son's hand to her butt?

Maybe it is all in good fun and I am just a giant prude, but there is nothing funny to me about this video and if I were on either end of that, I would be horrified and traumatized for a long, long time. That is a giant prank FAIL in my book.

Did this gross you out?


Image via YouTube

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lehof... lehoffman

so wrong and embarrassing to the kids!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

So a principal who is a mandatory reporter for CPS purposes encouraged parents to perform sexual acts on their non-consenting children. Trying to compile all the things that are wrong with that situation just hurts my head.

Scrug... Scruggsy01

Could there possibly be any molestation charges? The adults knew but the children did not.. And I'm sure had they known they would not have concented..

jkm89 jkm89

So was there tongue?

miche... micheledo

Have to agree with RhondaVeggie. 

Child molestation??  SERIOUSLY!!  ALL the parents should be charged, as well as the parents.  And while the police are at it, check his computer for child porn.  WHAT PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD THINK THIS WAS FUNNY!??"???

It's sexual abuse.  Molestation.

ANY adult decides to kiss my teen daughter or son is getting reported to the police (NOT talking about a peck on the cheek).

count... countrygirl670

WTF is WRONG with people these days!  Why in the name of all that is holy would anyone think this is funny?  If that happened to me as a teenager, I would never feel comfortable around my father again.  I would wonder what kind of person he really is, that he participated in this nastiness.  And if I had a husband crazy enough to do this, he would come home facing criminal charges and a restraining order.

Mommy... MommyOfOne2710

Okay, well, I'm from Minnesota, and I seriously resent the nasty remarks you're making. There is nothing in our water. There are stupid people all over the world.

vanes... vanessa5470


Yeah it was gross, and hopefully none of those parents stuck their tongue down their kids throat but geez it was just a prank. I kiss my toddler on the lips all the time, no tongue ;). If the kids lauhed it off then what the hell is it to you? i'm sure those parents weren't intended to SEXUALLY ABUSE their children. To say that about that video is insulting to REAL victims who are put in dangerous, violent situations.

You dont know how they feel nor the relationship they have with their parents. Have you ever been to another country????? We're from Colombia and its perfectly normal to kiss your parent, (making out is different). Yes, there are malicious people on this earth, but not everyone is Jerry Sandusky or a Catholic priest.


tnlad... tnladyvolsfan

My husband nor I  would never never do this. This is gross.  I would  move to have  principal that  incited this FIRED.

douxm... douxmusique

It kind of looks like they're fake kissing to me....

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