Teen Girls Are the Worst at Name Calling


name tagsGuess what? Nothing has changed since we were in high school: The go-to insult for teen girls is still "slut." Same as it ever was, right? Now, as then, calling a girl a slut often has nothing to do with her sex life at all (if she even has one). So do teens still use the term as an all-purpose slam?

Whatever the reason, however it got to be this way, it needs to stop. It won't stop, I know that, but it would be a very, very good thing if it did.

Because girls need to stop degrading each other, of course, but for another reason too.

Basically, teen girls need to expand their vocabulary.

Yes, as the mom to a tweenage daughter, it bothers me that the Mean Girl phase seems inescapable (either being one or being the target of one). Obviously. Soon it will no doubt bother me enough to keep me lying awake at night.

But it also bothers me that teen girls are so limited and lazy that the only put-down they can come up with is a vague reference to promiscuity on par with whore, hooker, ho, or tramp. Or, matter of fact, go back a few decades (centuries) and it becomes apparent that female-specific slurs throughout history have been similar to slut: Lady of the evening. Loose woman. Harlot. Hussy. Tart. Trollop. Floozy.

Sheesh! I know this is going to sound strange, but when are we going to start insulting each other for something other than how often we get laid, ladies? Enough already.

Do you know what I mean? Naturally there are severe underlying issues here involving bullying and cruelty and self-esteem, but setting those aside, I don't like to consider what it says about teen girls -- about women, about gender roles -- that our #1 oh-no-you-didn't dig is STILL slut.

Why do you think teen girls always seem to call each other sluts?


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Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Really? I've always heard "bitch" as an insult more than anything. A lot of "moms" on TheStir have called me that, one just a few hours ago!

I'm very creative when I call people names. Why be vague, when you can get creative?

I called Demi Moore's daughters "shovel-faced versions of Bruce Willis", and "penis-repellents".

I laughed just typing it.

Lighten up sluts!

chigi... chigirl1228

Ah lucretiamcevil...can I be your friend? There needs to be more people like you. Penis repellants is absolutly genius! I laughed reading that. I think your comments are delightfully blunt and pretty much on par. Back to the article...I will call a girl a slut if she acts like a slut, I will call a girl a bitch if she's acting like a bitch, and now I can add penis repellant to my boyfriends ex wife because I believe she's the most homely looking girl on the face of this earth.

Annie Stoecker

I clicked on this artilce to note that you don't have to look to HS to see that women still love to insult each other and disparage each other - The Stir is a huge haven for bullies...just read the comments section. Anyway, LMcE got her comment in first, and I think it says it best.

kkey75 kkey75

Personally I like trollup. Fun to say! Lol

nonmember avatar Skittle pies

Ok, let me clarify AS A TEENAGE GIRL HERE. In high school, "slut" is the go-to word because it's easy, and it hurts the most. Even if a girl dresses like a streetwalker and has had more boyfriends then the world's first stripper, she doesn't want to admit that she is a slut. It's stupid, I know. But it's the truth. It's like an overweight person, knowing how much they weigh but not wanting to be called fat.

Elena Duran

Tee hee LMcE. Once at wal mart this lady did not like that my 18 month old was crying during a tantrum and I would not give in to his demands (CANDY NOW!) so I told her to shut her face c¥nt. I thought she was going to fall over. Not my proudest moment but I really don't need someone who who means less than nothing to me tell me how to raise my kid. Also I made sure the only people who heard it were she and I. Lol everyone else was too busy looking at my kid with that ' man I remember that' look.

nonmember avatar mfls

I hear alot of men and women making the excuse that it "just won't change" but actually it can change, just not enough people care enough to make it.

The more we all make the decision to change the way we think about women's sexuality and make the decision to NOT insult women in that way, and then teach our KIDS to have a better way of think as well, then the sooner it will eventually die down and slut shaming will just be some stupid thing of the past that ignorant people used to do.

nonmember avatar mfls

And it's people like skittle pies who are the biggest problem. Still haven't seen the fallacy in calling names like that to women and still don't see that it needs to change. It's noones business but the woman what she does in her room and it's no worse that when a man does it, but everyone just kind of chuckles at the men. Women should be furious rather than contributing to the problem. You should be furious that behaving the same as a man gets you labeled as a lesser human being, but is just shrugged off for them. you can get pregnant sure, but men can produce a lot more children a lot faster, but are still just patted on the back. Do you women LIKE that you have to feel guilty for having normal human urges? Do you LIKE that you have to feel like your future husband (who will probably have had ten times more partners) will think less of you if you've done anything? Why does it make you a bad person?

Start promoting education on the dangers of promiscuity rather than telling women they are responsible for suppressing their urges lest they be a lesser human being and telling them that they are responsible for saying no to men, because "men are just like that."

nonmember avatar k

And most High school bully teenagers don't actually know anything about the sex life of the girls they are calling "sluts". They just assume or go off of rumors or what they "think" is goingon and use that to justify it. I've said it plenty of time in bully threads. Bullies always think they are justified in their bullying and I bet half the people in here who "like" those insults are also "anti-bullying" what a crock.

If you are not IN that bedroom with that girl as she's doing everything, then you don't know. Period. And if You are spending all your time hating on her and not the guy, then you're just ignorant.

fave82 fave82

Everyone at my high school would tell you to 'stop being ignorant' instead of 'stop being an asshole.' .. Apparently they didn't know what 'ignorant' meant but thought they sounded smarter.

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