Michele Bachmann Puts Single Moms in National Spotlight (VIDEO)


Michele BachmannThe next time you hear some judgmental jerk getting down on single moms, here's a tip. Ask them the last time they parented a presidential candidate. Michele Bachmann's mom did. Even more impressive may be the fact that Jean Amble did it despite six years without a husband to help her navigate the notoriously difficult teen years. 

When CafeMom showed up in Iowa this past weekend for the Republican candidates' Thanksgiving Family Forum, we got a look at just what a single mother contributes to American society: a woman who knows what it's like to get her first job at 13 to help support her family. And for that, Michele Bachmann isn't bitter. She's thankful. Take that single mom bashers!

It's no secret that I'm no fan of the candidate. But I can disagree with someone and still respect the obstacles they've hurdled, and their sheer tenacity. It takes something special to come from nothing and land yourself on a national stage. It takes something to admit, in front of a national audience, that you were a teenage girl earning 50 cents an hour as a babysitter just to help your mom feed you and your brothers. Take a look:

Her words certainly drive a stake into the heart of the argument that life with a single parent ruins a kid's chance at success, doesn't it? It sound like Bachmann's mom used their struggles the way a best parent does -- as a springboard to teach her kids lessons that apply to real life.

This is the story of a lot of single moms. Despite the fact that 78 percent of them have jobs (ahem, another stereotype killed), 41 percent are living at or below the poverty line. They're struggling. And yet, the three things single moms say they're most willing to give up in exchange for spending quality time with their kids are sleep, time for themselves, and getting chores done. These ladies put their kids first, and the result is ... well, it's seeing the kid who had to help you put food on the table at the dais at a presidential candidates forum.

Say what you will about Michele Bachmann, but her mom did one heckuva job with what she had, don't you think?

Do you have a single mom in your life, or are you one?


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nonmember avatar K

People who put down single moms are just unintelligent for many reasons, but the biggest is that they fail to realize that the biggest cause of single moms is deadbeat dads.

Which is worse. A mom who takes care of her kids, or a dad who runs the other way, but then again, everything has always been women's faults.

Melis... Melissa042807

My grandma was a single mom for several years. And she worked her a$$ off to support and raise her two daughters by herself until she met and married her 2nd husband, who she's still married to today. I have a ton of respect for my grandma. She's one tough cookie! 

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

I am a single mom raising two great kids. I have a really good job, put myself through college (and will be paying that off forever!), and have no doubt that my kids will grow up to be successful. I get no assistance from the government, and a completely pathetic amount of child support every month since my ex refuses to get a decent job (it will take up the time he likes to spend drinking and getting high). If I thought about it too much I could be bummed out that he doesn't spend more time with our kids, but I know that I am doing my very best to set a good example for them and make sure they are happy, disciplined, educated, and taken care of :)

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

All women should insist that their husbands have adequate life insurance. My dad did and we lived on that for many years and indeed my mother still does over 25 years after his death. My husband has enough insurance to pay of the mortgage and live reasonably comfortably for a few years. Even if he died tomorrow I could work part time while the kid is in school and live that way till he graduates. A little common sense and advance planning can go a long way towards protecting yourself in case you wind up widowed.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Rhonda, for that to work, the man needs to 1) be married to you and 2) die. That does not describe the situation for a great many single moms. Kids are always better off with two parents, but that does not mean that one parent cannot raise a stellar child on their own. Mad props to those who do, because it's a lifetime of self-sacrifice and hard work to make it happen.

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

@ Lisa Moore, thank you. I was a little taken aback by her comment as well. I didn't get that the article was geared towards moms who are single because their husbands passed away....

While I agree that for those married moms that it's a good idea for BOTH parents to have life insurance, the majority of single moms are not single because their husband is dead, they are single because for whatever reason their marriage/relationship didn't work out and they were left to take care of their kids on their own (in some cases, I'm trying to say that there aren't dads out there helping too).

Sarah Elizabeth Burgess

I don't think that Rhonda was saying anything bad about single moms, she was pointing out a situation where you could become widowed and always being prepared is best. 

It would be the same if you were married to a service member - when they die, where are you left? Not all dads are deadbeat and leave their wives. Life is also a culmination of circumstances. 

nonmember avatar N S

In response to "kids are always better off with two parents"
It depends on who those parents are. My son's biological father (and that's all I can call him) left me when I was 8 weeks pregnant. He has never seen our son and threatened both my son and I when I asked for child support. My son is much better off without this person. FYI, to defeat the stereotype I have a Masters Degree and a great job and a solid family background; my ex boyfriend who I had known for 15 years had a very selfish side that I never saw until I became pregnant. My job is to raise the man my ex's parents didn't. Please realize that some kids are better off with the person who love them above all else and family goes beyond the mommy-daddy ideology.

Lisa Moore

It looks like my comment diappeard but I see some people still read it. @ Sarah as far as Rhondas comment and my reaction to it, only seeing this one comment I could understand your thinking however Rhonda does have a history of bashing single moms and working moms in fact it's almost the only thing she ever comments on and it's always something mean and nasty. For example saying that if your husband can't afford to support you and your kids on one income you shouldnt have kids at all because moms shouldn't work.  And for the record I AM married to a "service member" Army Infantry actually and he does have life insurance as do I. I know not all men are deadbeats and I completely understand that shit happens. But I directed that comment at Rhonda for a reason.

nonmember avatar Sara

I have been a single mom for 18 years, the sole breadwinner for 21 years, have 3 incredible kids, finished my Bachelors, and my Masters as a single parent, am writing a book for single moms and have a great website with tips and advice called www.singlemomsasksara.com. Swing by!

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