Down Syndrome Teen Crowned Homecoming Queen (VIDEO)


mariah slick azle high school homecoming queen down syndromeIt's that time of year again -- homecoming, and for many teen girls, being voted Homecoming Queen is a dream come true. One such high school senior in Azle, Texas, Mariah Slick, is living the dream and then some, after becoming the school's first queen to have Down Syndrome.

Her mom, Susan, told the local news she was surprised that Mariah was nominated. "I never dreamed she would be nominated homecoming queen, especially since she has special needs. For the kids in the school to love Mariah and nominate her, I feel so blessed and so honored." Awww! You can bet she was incredibly excited when her daughter won the crown, too!

As it turned out, Azle High School students were rooting for Mariah all along. 

Eighteen-year-old Mariah was one of four seniors at Azle High School to be nominated, but there was something of a campaign among her classmates to get her crowned ... and it worked! Seems Mariah's really made quite the impression on her peers, who say she's "a real sweetheart," well-liked, and incredibly spirited. In fact, she never misses the opportunity to cheer on the school's teams. Sounds like the perfect Homecoming Queen to me!

The student voted Homecoming Queen or Prom Queen should always be someone like Mariah. In other words, someone who's a cheerleader, not necessarily in the conventional sense, but someone who is always positive and filled with school spirit, an all-around great student, as well as a friend to and fan of her peers.

To see that Azle High School students recognize that and made a point to honor Mariah for the kind of person she is and her big heart is nothing short of completely inspiring!

Check out Mariah's reaction when she won ...

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Isn't this story so sweet?


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sofia... sofia0587

Sooooo sweet!

nonmember avatar KT

That was cute when her mom went to kiss her she turned her head as if saying "Mom, no! My lipstick!"

BeLLa... BeLLasNewMoMmy

God Bless Mariah and her classmates!

Beths... Bethsunshine

That makes me cry!!Good job on her classmates looking for her INNER BEAUTY!!  My high school homecoming contest was based on which nominee slept with the most football players.

Abbey Rockin'Mom Baxter

Just when you think the highschool if full of selfish spoiled kids, they surprise you. <3

nonmember avatar stefine stanton

SHe is beautiful.....congratulations!

nonmember avatar stefine stanton

SHe is beautiful.....congratulations!

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