5 Mom Fashions That Should Be Banned in High School

teensWhen you think of things that fall firmly in the "mom camp," what words come to mind? Safe? Wholesome? How about banned in your local high school?

Yes, ladies and gents, a high school in Ohio has officially waltzed into frumpy mom territory and banned the yoga pant. According to administrators there, the one item of clothing worn by just about all women who have spawned falls under the "revealing clothing" ban.


Now I really have heard it all! I'll give you a moment to stop laughing and compose yourself.

The bizarre ban apparently landed a whole bunch of kids from Loveland High School in in-school suspension last week, while others were sent home to change. It makes me wonder if the administrators responsible for this punishment have ever followed up a six-week maternity leave with an intense desire to have something soft and cushy on their mushy tummy. Or if they've actually taken a gander at the crop tops, denim underwear, er, shorts, and other attire favored by today's teens.

If they really want to ban mom-wear in high school, they could do a lot worse than the one pair of pants that eliminates that muffin top. I mean, let's consider these gems:

  • Elastic Waist Jeans: Remember that totally immature but totally gut-busting (when you're 14) prank fondly known as "pantsing"? Guess what makes it REALLY easy to enact a swift pull-down of one's britches? You guessed it!
  • Pants That Make You Look Like You're Awaiting a Flood: What's that? Are you showing a little ankle young lady? In some cultures that would just drive the boys wild. Scan-dah-lous!
  • Scrunchies: If you graduated from high school in the '90s, you use these to hold back your ponytail. If you're in high school now, you use them as slingshots.
  • Crocs: Because our youth are our future, and the sooner we eradicate this scourge on the shoe industry, the better.
  • Pajama Jeans: What's next, kids actually sleeping in class? Oh wait ...

What's in your mom closet that would be totally inappropriate in a high school setting?


Image via Franklin Park Library/Flickr

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