5 Mom Fashions That Should Be Banned in High School


teensWhen you think of things that fall firmly in the "mom camp," what words come to mind? Safe? Wholesome? How about banned in your local high school?

Yes, ladies and gents, a high school in Ohio has officially waltzed into frumpy mom territory and banned the yoga pant. According to administrators there, the one item of clothing worn by just about all women who have spawned falls under the "revealing clothing" ban.

Now I really have heard it all! I'll give you a moment to stop laughing and compose yourself.

The bizarre ban apparently landed a whole bunch of kids from Loveland High School in in-school suspension last week, while others were sent home to change. It makes me wonder if the administrators responsible for this punishment have ever followed up a six-week maternity leave with an intense desire to have something soft and cushy on their mushy tummy. Or if they've actually taken a gander at the crop tops, denim underwear, er, shorts, and other attire favored by today's teens.

If they really want to ban mom-wear in high school, they could do a lot worse than the one pair of pants that eliminates that muffin top. I mean, let's consider these gems:

  • Elastic Waist Jeans: Remember that totally immature but totally gut-busting (when you're 14) prank fondly known as "pantsing"? Guess what makes it REALLY easy to enact a swift pull-down of one's britches? You guessed it!
  • Pants That Make You Look Like You're Awaiting a Flood: What's that? Are you showing a little ankle young lady? In some cultures that would just drive the boys wild. Scan-dah-lous!
  • Scrunchies: If you graduated from high school in the '90s, you use these to hold back your ponytail. If you're in high school now, you use them as slingshots.
  • Crocs: Because our youth are our future, and the sooner we eradicate this scourge on the shoe industry, the better.
  • Pajama Jeans: What's next, kids actually sleeping in class? Oh wait ...

What's in your mom closet that would be totally inappropriate in a high school setting?


Image via Franklin Park Library/Flickr

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lehof... lehoffman

Well the problem with yoga pants is panty lines. If there aren't any, it's pretty much a guarantee that the girl is wearing a thong, and if there is... well then you can see her underwear through her pants. As much as this hardly matters in the real world, I can see teenage boys having a field day with it. After I graduated, 
I heard that my high school was trying to ban jeggings, only problem being that half the moms at the PTO meeting regarding it were wearing skinny jeans/ jeggings.  

Brittany L. Ison

How abouy we work harder on teaching our kids to stop being such gutter minded little twerps :-p

gemin... geminilove709

Hee hee.We had one PTO mom and class mother  picking up their kids from the younger grades  sporting these yoga pants with the thong sticking out . She would show up for luunch duty wearing the most sluttiest clothing. SHe had grey yoga pants that were see through. She had the ed hardy with the bright pink thong sticking out but the worst was the daisy dukes with her vajay jay sticking out protruding. I kid you not and finally principal said something. What a friggin old attention whore. She was in her mid  30's. so sad for the students but maybe the moms should step up and make sure they aren't dressed like that either....

nonmember avatar Elaine

How stupid.

Boobo... Boobookittt74

I think this is ridiculous. So ur telling me now ur mad kids are dressing to "frumpy"?? As opposed to te usual skank attire that's in nowadays!? Male up ur mind. There's always gonna e a style of some kind. And I have two daughters thankfully not high school age yet ao they still wear what I dress them in. But when they do I would much rather frumpy over whorish!!!

Fallaya Fallaya

I love yoga pants.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

If you're not in a yoga class, yoga pants make you look lazy.

Plus, most of the people I see wearing them couldn't touch their toes to save their life.

Yoga pants on a fat chick is offensive to the eyes. I agree with the school.

bills... billsfan1104

I dont think its the yoga pants itself. Its the wording like "sexy", "hot" on the rear end. Or that the girls mostly wear thongs and they are sticking out, or that they wear tank tops, that barely cover the belly button, with the yoga pants. School is not a place wear you should dress like a slob or even too overtly sexual.
Thank God my kdis go to a catholic school, because they have uniforms. the worse I have to do, is yell at my daughter to pull her skirt down.

raven... ravenstears

I love my yoga pants, I lived in them a bunch in high school (largely because I ran to school, then worked out at lunch, and went for an other run after school.) Pantie lines were never a problem nor were thongs trouble for me as I dont wear underwear unless I'm in a dress or a skirt. I always wore just thick solid black or grey yoga pants (always made sure they were appropriate and non-see through) Now that I'm a mom, I still wear my yoga pants almost every other day for house work, jogging, and long stroller walks to stores. I think they need to be more specific about the kinds of yoga pants not aloud (see through, "sexy" on the butt, too low, etc)

manna... manna8288

I love yoga pants. I'm wearing mine right now. And yes I can still touch my toes :)

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