How Justin Bieber Ruined Dating for Every Teen in America

selena gomez justin bieberI'm definitely of the mindset that most teen boys could stand to learn a thing or two about how to treat a girl (grunting in her general direction when you're walking down the hall with your buddies isn't as chivalrous as you might think, dude). But leave it to Justin Bieber to set the bar so high, every other young guy is doomed to look like a creep in comparison. I mean, the dream date he set up for his lady Selena Gomez over the weekend was so over-the-top, I'm surprised Gomez didn't walk away with a ring on her finger.

It started out like a normal-ish night on the town. Bieber and Gomez went to the Nokia Theatre in L.A. to see a Demi Lovato concert. (Which, honestly, probably didn't cost either one of them a dime, since Lovato and Gomez are total BFFs.)


It wasn't until after the show that things got all fairy tale-ish. With a mysterious "Follow me," the Biebs led Gomez through an underground tunnel connecting the Nokia Theatre with next-door facility the Staples Center, built to accommodate 20,000 Lakers fans. There, in the middle of the empty arena, a gourmet steak-and-pasta dinner for two was waiting.

Apparently the whole thing was inspired by that Adam Sandler flick Mr. Deeds, in which Sandler rents out Madison Square Garden for a date with Winona Ryder. Although Bieber thought up the after-dinner screening of Titanic on one of the arena's giant screens all by himself.

Of course no mere mortal teen could re-create a scenario like this. Even multi-gazillionaire Bieber got to use the Staples Center for free, as a thank-you for his previous sell-out shows at the venue. But hey, it's the thought that counts. And that's the part non-superstar boys need to work on: Being more thoughtful.

Bieber's trying to tell you something, guys. He even tweeted about it later that night: "Romance isn't dead, fellas. Treat your lady right."

Do you have a teenage son or daughter? What kind of "dates" do they go on?


Image via Audrey Pilato/Flickr

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