5 T-Shirts You Should Never Ever Let Your Kid Wear to School

trophy t-shirt
Future Trophy Wife T-Shirt, $7.50
Believe it or not, it's almost time to go back-to-school shopping! (No, I don't know where the summer went, either, and yes, the thought of stocking up yet again on marble notebooks and folders and pencils makes me want to take a sedative, too.)

But the scariest thought of all? Buying back-to-school clothes, particularly for teens. It's easy when they're little and there's no chance that anything you pick up at Old Navy or Gap Kids is going to get your kid suspended, but once they're old enough to do their own shopping ... fuggedaboudit!

All you can do is try to get a good look at them before they leave the house in the morning and pray they don't change into something offensive once they get to school ...

You know, like one of these t-shirts:

admit it t-shirt

Good luck getting your math teacher to make eye contact with you when you have this shirt on, sweetheart. The only way to make this tee more obvious would be if there was a button on it that played "Don't Stand So Close to Me" when you pressed it. $7.50



alcohol t-shirt

I'd like to buy a vowel ... because I'm not old enough to buy anything else legally! "Sometimes Alcohol Is the Answer" is definitely a message you don't want your kid broadcasting until after graduation, at the earliest. Preferably not until he's moved into a dorm somewhere and you don't have to look at this shirt. $19.95



good girls shirt

Okay, here's the thing: I sort of agree with this t-shirt, but I don't want my daughter to realize this harsh fact of life is true until she's well into her 20s. At which point, if she wants to wear the shirt, I won't complain. I'll probably even wash it when she drops her laundry off at my house. $8.50






abstinence t-shirt

Ahahaha!!! Oh wait, I'm not supposed to be laughing at the shirts. You've got to admit this one is pretty hilarious, though. And at least wearing it would imply that your kid had some sort of reproductive system savvy. I can totally picture one of my fellow Catholic high school students sneaking this tee under a standard uniform button-down ... and getting detention. $19.95

Would you let your teen wear any of these t-shirts?


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Addys... Addys_Mom

lol that last one is hilarious. the others are just horrible. but it makes me think of a couple shirts my mom bought me not knowing what they meant (she's kinda naive) one said, "i may not be totally perfect, but parts of me are excellent" which i wouldn't even wear because it was horrible! And the other said "i'll try anything once, twice if i like it". Man my mom is clueless. lol


Veron... VeronicaTex

I would NEVER let my teen wear any of these T-shirts, and furthermore, being Roman Catholic, that last one is DISPICABLE....I am so glad I grew up in a much different era....(Shaking my head)....

By the way, whoever created that last shirt is the one who is CLUELESS.... 

RaeAn... RaeAnne.USAF

Love the last one it's awesome!

Kelli... KelliansMom

these shirts are not new either ...i had a few questionable ones as a teen well 18 i wouldnt have worn them to high school ever and yes they shouldnt be worn by teens the parents still have control then over what their kids wear ...and that last one i do find of so funny lol 

Maria86 Maria86

LOOOVE the last one ))))))))

Fancy... Fancy-Schmancy

While we are discussing what messages we want our children to send with their clothing....could we stop putting slogans on our children's tushes?  I see shorts and pajama-pants all the time with 'cute' or 'sexy' or 'pink' or what have you written across the butt.  This is *not* where I want people's eyes going on my child whether she is 6 or 16.

Jessica Owens Loyd

I don't get the humor in the last one. Isn't absitinence effective? Or is it a play on the virgin Mary and that is why there is a .01% chance of it not working?

danci... dancingthrulife

hmm no not in school. i hope my gurls will know that ppl jugde you on what you wear. not cool but it happens. i would rock the one that says "good gurls never get catch". hehe...wave

nonmember avatar Sarah

The only one I really have a problem with is the go to jail one. That is very inappropriate. Other than that I don't really mind them, the last ones hilarious. Get the stick outta your butt, it's a joke!!

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