Teen X-Rated Prank Should Be Forgiven


fairfield collegeI don't remember my high school prank, but I think it was something innocent, like Dixie cups of water stacked on the steps of the main dorm? Dunno. Whatever it was, it couldn't have been that special since it slipped me mind. There are kids in New Zealand, though, who know how to pull a memorable prank. All they needed was some weedkiller and a bucket. The rest is history. And will live on in infamous glory due to the power of the Internet.

Back in 2009, students at a Kiwi high school called Fairfield College took to the school's fields one weekend and burned, with weedkiller, six giant penises into the grass. It wasn't noticeable right away, but they knew good things would come to those who wait. The grass eventually died and over time, the greatest adolescent artwork to come out of this century was discovered in their schoolyard. Behold the Fairfield Phalluses!

Slow. Clap. I couldn't even be mad if my son or daughter was behind this prank. It didn't harm anyone and it displayed some impressive critical and analytical thinking skills. Not just anyone can draw ginormous shlongs in the grass with weedkiller and expect greatness. These kids had to plan and execute with acute skill and determination, which I do believe are admirable qualities when looking for a job ... even if the job isn't burning pee pees into the ground.fairfield college

The prank was discovered on Google Maps not too long ago when a man, looking to buy a house in the area, was searching the site to get a lay of the land. The penii caught his eye, and next thing you know, I'm blogging about it from NYC.

The school has been trying to mend the grass, and has contacted Google to blur out the pics, but neither attempt has come to fruition. Aw c'mon. Who doesn't love a schoolyard full of penises?

The culprits are still at large, and their large members will still live on.

Do you think this prank is funny or offensive?

Photo via Google Maps

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Kat.M. Kat.M.

Too funny xD

butte... butterflymkm

Ok ok it's very wrong...but it is pretty damn funny. I lold & I bet most of the school officials did too in private

Brittany Rash

its hilarious, harmless, and clever! 

Morgaine Smith

Priceless!!!!! Love it, wish we'd thought of that. I dont' even think we had a senior prank.. but the class before us let loose a hoard of GIANT millipedes in the school.. that was pretty good.. the screams echoed down the halls for days!

nonmember avatar Amanda

Eh, I think it's stupid. I'd be ticked if someone poured grass killer on my lawn.

ashjo85 ashjo85

Epic! That is definitely an awesome prank. If the establishment "approves" you didn't do a good job anyhow! Our senior pranks were always stupid.

Mom2j... Mom2jngnc

honestly, in the grand scheme of things, this ranks as innocent.... no one is hurt, no one got hurt, and you can only see if from the air.....

Kayla Still

WILL be telling my husband about this!! even he could appreciate the humor in this one!!! I know I do!!! hahaha!!! My Junior or Senior yr someone had got this stuffed(real) goat that was found on top of a thrift mall in East Hannibal, MO and put it on the roof of our high school!!! our U.S. History teacher then got it off the roof and kept it!! one of my friends even brought him goat food for it as a  joke!!! That grass will grow back even though the pictures will never go away. if you cant take this as in good fun, well then you need to have your head examined!!

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