Birth Control Pill: Not Just for Kardashian Kids


Kendall JennerThe show isn't even out yet, but promos of the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians have revealed that one Kendall Jenner, 15-year-old sister of THOSE Kardashian sisters, is on birth control pills. Cue gnashing of teeth and throwing up of hands. Don't you people know what this means!

Why she could be having a regular period! Clearing up her acne! Fighting debilitating cramps! Treating polycystic ovarian syndrome! Or none of those at all. She could just be a girl whose parents are worried that she might possibly be having sex and want her to have at least one form of protection.

But the Internet, alas, isn't thinking any of those thoughts this week. They've got their heads, instead, on treating Kris Jenner like she's doing something wrong by treating her teenage daughter like a human being. Take this gem from PopEater:

With one sister whose sex tape catapulted her into fame and another who was saddled with a surprise pregnancy, we're not entirely shocked that 15-year-old Kendall Jenner is on the pill.

Or this disturbing piece of trash from The Blemish:

Knowing the Kardashians, Kendall will tell her dad she’s using it to control her menstrual cycle or something stupid like that. Meanwhile, she’s banging a bunch of future athletes in her sister’s room.

Nice how they totally dismiss broad scientific basis for birth control pill usage for regulating one's menstrual cycle, huh? As a parent, I'm sorry, my kid's medical issues come before my "ick factor" over her sexuality. Because I'll be the first one to say I think 15 is too young to be having sex. I wasn't having sex that young. I don't want my daughter having sex that young.

But I feel for Kris Jenner. Really feel for her this week. Because whether her kid has a whacked out cycle or is actually messing around with boys, the reality of this world is that kids do have sex. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to show that sex without protection equals babies. When your kid reaches a certain age, you can't just stick your fingers in your ears and scream, I'm not listening when someone says the word "sex."

I'm dreading the thought of it, but I'll have to face it too. Perhaps the highest of ironies here is that Kris Jenner is being criticized because her elder daughter had an accidental pregnancy, when she's giving her youngest daughter a means to avoid the same fate. She's facing it.

Even if the initial reason for the prescription really is just about health, it's still something that's got to be on a mom's mind. Now say your daughter is having health issues, and her doctor is calling for a packet of pills? Good news, Moms. Studies have ALSO found that giving kids access to birth control doesn't actually increase their sexual activity levels. It just means they're safer when and if they do engage in sex. So, whether Kendall Jenner or any other 15-year-old girl is on the pill, it doesn't mean she's suddenly going to become a sex maniac. But it does mean that, god forbid, if she does, she'll be a sex maniac who is less likely to become pregnant.

What do you think? Are people being too hard on Kendall Jenner's mom? Would you let your 15-year-old daughter go on the pill?


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Pua Smith

I say, good on them! I wasn't having sex, but was on the pill at 15. It helped regulate me, take care of acne and it was also a good thing in case something happened, like teenage passion or a rape. I felt secure and safe that should something happened, I would be protected from an unwanted pregnancy and I appreciated that my mom was willing and able to be "that" mom to make it easy and comfortable for me to get on birth control. If my daughter wants to be on it at 15, she'll be put on it.

meatb... meatball77

I think she's a good mom for making sure their child is prepared when she does decide to have sex (even if it's 5 years from now) until then she can get used to taking a pill daily at the same time and she's prepared incase somthing happens that isn't planned.

Cryst... CrystalCloud

Good for her! I had horrible menstrual problems starting at that age and was never allowed to get of birth control. At 18, I was finally able to go on my own

Troys... TroysMommy1220

My cousin went on the pill at 14 because up until she went on it she had her period for 20 straight days at a time. That leaves only an average of 10-11 days WITHOUT your period a month. So yeah, people need to realize that there ARE other reasons to be on the pill.

And you know what? If she's having sex at 15...atleast she's mature enough to get on birth control. Kudos to her. People need to stop looking for stuff to bitch about.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I wouldn't put myself on them and I certainly wouldn't put any daughter on the pill either. I was on them for a few years in college and as a newly wed and when I came off my cycle was all screwed up and it never recovered. I've heard so many other women tell similar stories and they're the lucky ones. I have a friend who almost died after taking birth control pills for a few years. She's now taking a host of medications and supplements and she will be left sterile.

I will happily buy my kids a box of condoms or offer whatever other options might be available at the time but the pill is not an acceptable option.

Zyva Zyva

My dad put me on the pill when I moved in with him at 13.. I think it was an extremely smart decision and one that I will be making with my daughters as well. 

SicTr... SicTransitGlori

Good for her! Maybe it's for acne, periods, whatever. Maybe she's having sex, maybe she's not. Either way, ask any of the (now) grandmother's from MTV's 16 and Pregnant what they would do if they had their time back.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

We as a nation have a HUGE problem. Birth control pills are a hormone that alters the way our bodies work with CHEMICALS. Since the introduction of birth control into the society- for whatever reason- we have seen an alarming increase in various cancers. While it can be linked to the usage of birth control by MANY great and well documented studies, nobody wants to believe that it can be harmful to us and thus nobody will do anything about it.

The answer should NEVER be filling our young and still growing daughter's bodies with chemicals.

nonmember avatar Anna

Good for her! My parents' version of sex ed was "You will never, ever have sex." When I was 18 and had my first real boyfriend (and was still a virgin!) I decided to go to the Family Planning clinic and get birth control on my own without telling my parents. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would decide to have sex, and I am glad I made that decision because it allowed me to go to college and do normal 20-something activities instead of having kids prematurely. However, at 27 years old, I still have never been able to have a conversation with my mom about sex or birth control. So go Kris! You are a good mom.

meatb... meatball77

That's not true.  Birth Control Pills reduce your cancer risk.  They do raise your risk for blood clots but that's generally not an issue if you're under 35.  There are many different pills and it's important for women to work with their Dr's to make sure they're on the right one. 

Either way birth control pills are much better for your body (and your lifestyle) than pregnancy. 

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