Forget 'Glee' -- Gay Male Prom Queens Are the Real Deal!


promIt may be one of the most popular TV shows set in an American high school, but it goes without saying that what happens on Glee doesn't always reflect the realities of every day teen life. But we're going to say it anyway. When gay teen Kurt Hummel was crowned prom queen on Glee, it was bad news. When teen boys at two real schools in America were crowned prom queen this weekend, it made moms like me stand up and cheer.

Our kids get it! They really get it!

Long story short, Andrew Viveros, a transgender teen at McFatter Technical High School in Davie, Florida and Jake Boyer, an openly gay teen at Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, Virginia both were crowed by their classmates this past weekend at their individual schools. Unlike Kurt on Glee, who was stunned that his classmates were essentially picking on him by calling him a "queen," these kids both felt that they were being embraced by their peers, who were accepting them for who they were.

This is one of those great stories of America, isn't it? That each generation is progressively more accepting of differences than the one before it? New statistics have shown that America has shifted to a point where a majority of voting-age Americans now approve of gay marriage. I can't help but wonder if that doesn't have as much to do with teenagers reaching the age of majority as it does with older Americans opening their eyes and realizing that gay people aren't going to hurt THEIR marriage. Just five years ago, a Gallup poll showed a slight majority of teens favored gay marriage -- so it would follow that they'd carry those ideals into "adulthood."

This is where the rest of America can learn from our kids. That it doesn't matter what the rest of society thinks. It doesn't matter what tradition has said. Sure, the prom "queen" has always been the popular girl. So what! Buck tradition. Embrace the unusual. That's how you change the world.

Glee may pep us up with happy songs, but this puts a song in our hearts. What about you, does this give you hope for the future?


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Deann... Deannasword

This is just sick!!  Now people are glorifying sin, like it is something we should be proud of.  Being tolerable of it is one thing, and wrong, but this is just going way over the line.  I am so worried about the children being raised in this kind of blatantly sinful cuture!!!

Tracy Swendsen

I am worried that Deannasword will continue to pass along her hypocritical and judgmental values to her children, who will hopefully be able to take a stand against them! What's sickening is how people can't accept other's choices! Rock on Prom Queens!

cmari... cmarie452

Personally, I'm worried about Deannasword passing on her bad grammar to her children.  Being "tolerable"?  Seriously?  Maybe she should try being tolerable herself before making outlandish, and grammatically in correct, statements.

NotLi... NotLikeaCat

What's sick and worrisome is the thought of homophobic, closed-minded people raising children in a culture of intolerance. These teens (their classmates) give me hope for a kind, accepting culture for future generations. Go, prom queens!

Christopher Koulouris

Isn’t it time gentlemen you also had the courage to become whom you always knew you were on the inside? After all – the new King sometimes means being the new Queen.

Troys... TroysMommy1220

deannasworld you are a moron, i'm sorry.

No one is glorifying anything but being who you are. If you believed in what God teaches so much you'd know that God makes everyone in his own image and he wouldn't make someone gay if that wasn't what he wanted for them.

melan... melanniek

Well I'd just about lose it if God turned out to be gay....I smell a South Park episode LMFAO

Meghan-Sara Karre

Good for these kids, but aren't the ideas of Prom King & Queen outdated and heteronormative anyway? I mean, what's the big idea behind Prom King & Queen?  Are they supposed to be the Class Sweethearts?  Is it a way of trying to combine the most popular child of each gender in the class to be part of an amazing power couple?

nonmember avatar ZoesMom

All I'm saying is... you would NOT see a lesbian girl winning KING now would you? Gay teens can (and if they get the votes) should win a Prom Title, but why can't the guy win King, after all he's a MAN. Being gay doesn't make you female...

Troys... TroysMommy1220

Actually the article said that one of the winners was a transgendered student, which means that despite what sex you were born your emotionally and mentally identify as the opposite sex, which would actually make him female.

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