Angus T. Jones Shows Charlie Sheen What Winning Is All About (PHOTO)

Angus T. JonesWhen it comes to the whole Charlie Sheen goddess/winning debacle, there's always been one shining beacon of hope that not all is screwed up in the wide world of Hollywood. His name is Angus T. Jones, aka Jake Harper, Sheen's teenaged Two and a Half Men co-star who managed to remain completely out of the spotlight as Sheen crashed and then crashed again.

So when I heard the best paid kid in TV had re-surfaced this week, even popping up on Perez Hilton's site, I was all kinds of nervous for humanity. After months of obscurity, did adorable Angus finally get a taste of tiger's blood and disappoint us? And then I saw the pictures. Brace yourself:


Angus T. Jones and mom

Yes folks, Angus T. Jones has gone from the biggest salary of any kid on television, from working with mega stars in a mega studio, from hanging out with a drugged up loser and Jon Cryer every day . . . to hanging out with his moms AND his little bro. That, ladies and gets, is what winning is all about . . . for his parents.

I can go on and on about what a fabulous job Angus' mom and dad have done in raising a kid who hasn't let fame and fortune go to his brain, who hasn't let the bad influences of naughty adults rub off on him, but frankly, this picture says it all. At 17, with the Sheen thing STILL in the news, still hanging over his head, he's just doing his thing with his family. He seems to have thinned down a bit -- pretty normal for a 17-year-old boy who wasn't "fat" to begin with -- but otherwise, he's remarkably unchanged.

I'd say this is a win for the Jones clan, wouldn't you?


Images via CBS; Splash News

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