Dad Only Gets 6 Years for Impregnating Teen Daughter


father's handsSometimes, there are so many things wrong with a story that you read in the news, that you want to go back to bed, pull up the covers and not come back out until you've recovered. Prepare to smuggle me some chocolate to keep me going, because I think it's going to be awhile before I emerge from the blankets with this one.

A girl was just 14 years old when she gave birth to her second child. Shocking fact number one. Shocking fact number two? She gave birth to the first child when she was herself a child of 12 -- I know girls who hadn't hit puberty at that age. But folks, this is not the most disturbing part of this. Not by a long shot.

It turns out that both of this little girl's babies were fathered not by some just barely pubescent little jerk with baggy pants and the inability to grow a mustache. No, it was the teenage girl's own father who forced her to have sex with him. Now that I have to go take a shower because I'm so incredibly disgusted, we can go for the real zinger.

The courts reviewed each and every one of these facts and decided they'd charge disgusting Daddy. And then they sentenced him. To six years in jail.

SIX YEARS? For raping and impregnating his own child? Twice? At the very least (because chances are pretty good that it took more than two tries at pregnancy)? To compare this, a man currently in prison for raping a 12-year-old girl is in the middle of a a 16- to 40-year sentence. That sounds more fitting. Or perhaps we should look at the pimp sentenced to 20 years in prison for forcing a 17-year-old girl to act as his prostitute? He didn't even do the sexual abuse on that child himself, and yet it's a sentence more befitting his crimes against a girl's innocence.

What this man, this father, did was break one of the most sacred bonds -- that of child and parent. He took away her childhood with the sex, but just as badly, he took away her ability to find comfort in the one place every kid should be able to find a champion.

Is this sentence just? What would be a more appropriate punishment?


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Beths... Bethsunshine

Chop his genitals off with a rusty knife, chop his hands off and gouge his eyes out too while you're at it!!

Dona Marie Howlett

For punishment, how about the old fashion way of strapping a man down on the ground naked.........on top of an ant hill. Leave him there in torment until he dies........

nonmember avatar shawncasper

I am sorry! But I will go to Jail! I will murder that man with my own 2 bare hands! Six years in Jail will not punish him! He will get out and do it again! I am sorry! My way is to chop that little thing that bothers him off!!!!! Give it to him in a plastic bag!!!!! That bloody idiot! I am sorry! (Imagen the worst swear words one could say)..... I hope the very same happens to him... My mom tough me never to wish evil on anyone! But I am sure she will allow this one! This man should be punished! I hope that he gets a huge big cell mate that gang bangs him (once again I am sorry) but this is just so wrong..... I am sorry for being so crude, but this is my way of thinking when it comes to reading this kind of stuff...... Our children should be protected.... Not harmed....

shann... shannon979

The bastard had a lawyer. That's all I will say and take it from there. Seriously I knew someone who would have only got 2 years if he had not told the police when questioned and just waited for a lawyer. Disgusting!!!!

jolie... joliegems

It is sooo sad.  It must be in a state that has a very liberal justice system.  

MsThe... MsTherapy77

Hang his ass up by his arms an submit him to tiny paper cuts all over his effin body an dip him in a bucket of salt every 10 minutes he needs to know what suffering really is. Lock him up in a cell with a bunch of guys & alow them to take his manhood away. Show him what it feels like to be f'ing violated. This shit just makes me sick so sick I want to scream what in the hell do men/wome get out of disrespecting children this way. I mean what in the hell is the world coming too. This kind of thing truly just pisses me off!!!!

Victoria Wever

Hopefully, he'll receive some "karmic justice" while in prison. As a former prison guard, I can say that inmates have a "brand of justice" all their own. Sexual predators, especially pedophiliac predators, are at the bottom of the food chain And tend to receive the same type of violation as they were accused of.

nonmember avatar trisha

I have the perfect punishment. Cut it all off like they do to Eunuchs in India. Just get rid of the whole thing. Let him pee through a catheter for the rest of his life. This is absolutely disgusting, the epitome of selfishness. It makes me want to vomit.

Jenniy Jenniy

Castrate the bastard without an anesthetic and then pour salt on the wounds.

im23v... im23vaughn

This is sick. And we wonder why more rape victims don't show up

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