'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Was Faking Poverty


Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2It was hard to feel sorry for Jenelle Evans on this season of Teen Mom 2. She spent so much time making trouble for herself that it completely overshadowed the fact that she is just a kid struggling to deal with adult issues. But if you had a hint of sympathy for her as she wandered from couch to couch, essentially homeless and broke, it's time to kick it to the curb.

It turns out Jenelle has a steady income after all -- enough to force a judge to tell the teen mom that she is ineligible for a court-appointed attorney because she makes too much money. In court for the vicious girl fight with a North Carolina teen named Britany Truett that was caught on video last month, the mother of little Jace was forced to reveal her finances. It turns out she makes at least $1,000 a month, ostensibly from her contract with MTV.

Calculating her expenses, Evans said she pays her mom, Barbara, $130 in child support, spends an estimated $50 on food, and has about $230 in installment type payments due monthly. Together that still only takes up half of her "salary," leaving enough money to pay a lawyer in the court's eyes.

Which begs the question: why the heck was she always "homeless" and hitting up food banks for free eats? And why did she have to "borrow" her mom's credit cards this past season? She's not making "big money," but she IS making enough to put away a little bit toward an apartment, especially in a state where the cost of housing is well below the national average.

Have you ever felt bad for Jenelle? Did this just wipe that sympathy out of you?


Image via MTV

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Aria Clements

I don't think $1k a month s rolling in dough.  It would be a tight living, but one person living on that, even after the paltry child support, is enough.  If she wants, she can go to school and get grants, then get a job.  I'm more perturbed by how the court sees $1k/mo in income as being enough to afford an attorney.  That much money would pay for 4 hours of a typical attorney's time.  $250/hr.  I'm also bothered by how much attention idiots like this get, which HAS resulted in some teens getting pregnant on purpose for a chance to be on TV.

Courtney Paige Neale

If that was true, and they didn't get paid till the end of the show, the court wouldn't have ruled as it did.

Cassondra Monique

I don't watch the show so I know nothing of her or what she does but the logic of money here doesn't make sense. Her expenses are $510 a month, she only makes $1000 and one of the cheapest places in Wilmington is still $425 a month. I don't know any place that will rent to you unless you make three times the rent. I know few people who could live off of $12,000 a year.

Sara Joseph

Um, she's spending the rest on drugs and alcohol, hence why she is in rehab.

i_am_... i_am_tish

no amount of "income" wipes out the fact that janelles mother says she is unloveable! seriously what happened to unconditional love? can't expect teen moms to grow up well, with out some one to look up to!!

Cassandra Abrego

its hard being a teen mom and theres never money for my self i get about 1000 a month and it all blows with pamper and milk and medicine and doctors apt and clothes and food and rent and everything els haveing a kid is a lot of money if i didnt have the supporet of my parent i would be hommeless to but so i wouldnt give her such a hard time

Aria Clements

I'm not a fan of these teen moms, but $12k a year isn't rich by any means.  A typical attorney is $250 an HOUR.

hexxuss hexxuss

You're going to tell me that $1000/month (PRE tax I assume?) is enough?  Good gawd, couple that with not getting paid until after the entire season is done? I make more than that in a WEEK!!

Merrilee Ward

I don't feel sorry for her one bit. She is a terrible mother and has brought all of her troubles on herself. She's so irresponsible and selfish.

nonmember avatar Biff Tannen

If she's on Tv and only makes $1000 a month? I seriously doubt that. what did she do with the money from previous seasons then if she got paid at end of season? I guess she's clueless of budgeting?

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