'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Was Faking Poverty


Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2It was hard to feel sorry for Jenelle Evans on this season of Teen Mom 2. She spent so much time making trouble for herself that it completely overshadowed the fact that she is just a kid struggling to deal with adult issues. But if you had a hint of sympathy for her as she wandered from couch to couch, essentially homeless and broke, it's time to kick it to the curb.

It turns out Jenelle has a steady income after all -- enough to force a judge to tell the teen mom that she is ineligible for a court-appointed attorney because she makes too much money. In court for the vicious girl fight with a North Carolina teen named Britany Truett that was caught on video last month, the mother of little Jace was forced to reveal her finances. It turns out she makes at least $1,000 a month, ostensibly from her contract with MTV.

Calculating her expenses, Evans said she pays her mom, Barbara, $130 in child support, spends an estimated $50 on food, and has about $230 in installment type payments due monthly. Together that still only takes up half of her "salary," leaving enough money to pay a lawyer in the court's eyes.

Which begs the question: why the heck was she always "homeless" and hitting up food banks for free eats? And why did she have to "borrow" her mom's credit cards this past season? She's not making "big money," but she IS making enough to put away a little bit toward an apartment, especially in a state where the cost of housing is well below the national average.

Have you ever felt bad for Jenelle? Did this just wipe that sympathy out of you?


Image via MTV

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Elsa Lopez

Sorry but 1,000 is jsut not enough.

cudybug cudybug

She can afford an attorny and when I saw that they went to the food bank I was appauled!! SHe doesnt pay any bills other then what she has made! She lives with her mom or in her car. She is more then capable of working a full time job and going to school. Her mother takes care of her child its not like she has to take care of him plus I know alot of single mothers doing it on thier own and doing full time work and full time school. There are no excuses for her poor behavior. I never once felt bad for her in the least. She is all talk and no walk. She likes to talk about how much she misses her son and loves him but it seems to be only when she wants some sympathy (and I dont buy those fake tears) or when shes bored! He is not a baby doll you can choose to parent when and where, though he is insanely cute! I agree with her mother when she was pregnant and just had the baby when she told her to give the baby up for adoption. So many families would have loved to have that sweet little boy.

cudybug cudybug

O and I should add that I think its ridiculous to take food from a food shelter when you have food at home , you just dont want to leave your boyfriend who I might add is more then capable of working himself! I hate seeing people take away from what families in this economy need, all because they refuse to be responsible! So many families are losing there main source of income due to layoffs and depend on that food at the food bank to feed thier children and worhtless pieces of crap like her and her bf go and take away from those families!

mommi... mommie2twogirls

to me if they got paid while filming it wouldnt show the true struggles of being a teen parents.

Abby Layne

Have some commentators lost all sense of compassion? Whatever her age, whatever her income, whatever her situation... LOVE your neighbor and LOVE your enemies (Matthew 5:44). Let those without sin cast the first stone (John 8:8). Whatever measure you use in judging others, it will be used to measure how you are judged (Matthew 7:2). Peace and forgiveness in Christ's name.

tanya... tanya7885

I didn't really watch too much of the show but I did get interested in Janelle because of all the drama. Besides the fact that my mother is obsessed with the show, I couldn't help but see some of what was going on. $1000 a month is crappy money if you ask me. Even if housing is ok, how can anyone even a single person live off of that?? I think they should give the girl a break. Its bad enough she signed a contract through MTV and has to deal with all the controversy but I'm in shock that people are making a big deal out of a grand a month. If anyone made that kind of money, I'm sure you'd be living place to place and eating at food banks too.

Christy Santiago

she probably wastes all her money on drugs...

pwebs... pwebster12

I don't think it even matters how much money she makes, she never had to be homeless. Her mom informed her multiple times that as long as she was responsible she could live at home with her and jace but she kept screwing up by stealing credit cards, smoking pot on her moms front porch with her loser boyfriend, getting arrested for breaking and entering. The girls an idiot and completely irresponsible regardless of how much money she has in her bank account.

Mandie Murphy Benegasi

I assure you, it's a lot more expensive to live here than you think. Also there are hardly any jobs out here. However I'm sure some of her homelessness is for the camera.

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