'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Was Faking Poverty


Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2It was hard to feel sorry for Jenelle Evans on this season of Teen Mom 2. She spent so much time making trouble for herself that it completely overshadowed the fact that she is just a kid struggling to deal with adult issues. But if you had a hint of sympathy for her as she wandered from couch to couch, essentially homeless and broke, it's time to kick it to the curb.

It turns out Jenelle has a steady income after all -- enough to force a judge to tell the teen mom that she is ineligible for a court-appointed attorney because she makes too much money. In court for the vicious girl fight with a North Carolina teen named Britany Truett that was caught on video last month, the mother of little Jace was forced to reveal her finances. It turns out she makes at least $1,000 a month, ostensibly from her contract with MTV.

Calculating her expenses, Evans said she pays her mom, Barbara, $130 in child support, spends an estimated $50 on food, and has about $230 in installment type payments due monthly. Together that still only takes up half of her "salary," leaving enough money to pay a lawyer in the court's eyes.

Which begs the question: why the heck was she always "homeless" and hitting up food banks for free eats? And why did she have to "borrow" her mom's credit cards this past season? She's not making "big money," but she IS making enough to put away a little bit toward an apartment, especially in a state where the cost of housing is well below the national average.

Have you ever felt bad for Jenelle? Did this just wipe that sympathy out of you?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Michelle

Why doesn't she have any money? In a word....drugs.

cybil... cybilverbeana

isn't $12,000 poverty level??  Something tells me we aren't getting the whole story!!

green... greenmama23

I support a family of 5 on about $1200 a month. I think 1 grand is MORE than enough for one person, especially when all they really have to do is "act" in front of the cameras and be followed around.

nonmember avatar kathleen

Why don't you guys just back the fuck off of her mtv. 1000 a month with this world now is basically nothing.

Laina Withers

I Like Jenelle. I Just Wish She Would Drop The Guys For Awhile, Cuz It Looks Like It's Too Hard For Her To Manage With A Boyfriend, Jace, School, Job, HER MOM. Trust Me I Know, I'm 16 And Have A Son, And My Mom And I Have A Relationship Like That, And It Makes Things Sooo Impossible- With The Critisism, And Argueing.
I Feel Bad For Jenelle Till A Certain Exstent, And No This Did'nt Smack The Sympothy Out Of Me. It Makes Think- Wow, I Can't Believe People Sit Here And Write About Jenelle, And Try To Get People To Hate Her. All These Critics Talk About How She Can't Do A Good Job At Anything... Well Hateing Her And Talking About Her, I Believe Does'nt Help Eather ;)Remember That

Schle... Schleetle

No I feel bad for Jace... and regardless of how much money a person has they can blow it easily by being irresponsible.

Trish Haycraft

NEVER felt sorry for her she made stupid choices and never thought of her son first, and boo hoo 1000 a month isnt much then here is an idea get a JOB dump that looser Boyfriend and stop supporting him!

Sophie Gray

I have never once felt sorry for Jenelle. She deserved every thing she got. There were many times that I just wanted to smack the sh*t out of her. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who could be so vile to their own mother, goes out to party, (even while pregnant), blows off her job to take a road trip, steals money, gets into fights, smokes mary jane....need i say more? Barbara gave that little b*tch more chances than I ever would have. Jenelle has the resources to make a better life for her and her son, but she just isnt interested in doing it. Again, it's hard to feel sorry for someone like that. (Also, I couldn't stop laughing when Jenelle reasoned that she would retain custody of Jace simply becasue she "made sure she saw him everyday". HA!)

mama-... mama-ellie

You know why none of it "makes sense"? Because it's a tv show and even though it's labeled "reality" it's fake!

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