Teen Girl Shares Nudie Pics, Not Her Sax, to Get Popular


Sexting, saxophoneIt’s a case of social media gone wrong once again. Well, that and good ol’ fashioned horn blowing — so to speak. A 15-year-old student at Portage High School in Indiana was mollywhopped with child porn charges (as well he should) after he blackmailed a classmate for her saxophone.

If she didn’t lend him her instrument, he said, he was going to post naked pictures of her all over MySpace. Seems lil’ piggy was super passionate about his band and his blackmail.

Now y’all might ask yourselves one of two questions, or perhaps even both: why the heck did that boy have her skin flicks on hand to threaten her with in the first place? And would anybody have even seen them if he made good on his promise? I mean, who even goes on MySpace anymore?

He had photos of the girl, who is a freshman, because she sent them to him and several other boys. She sexted the images, she admitted, because she has low self-esteem.

Now, the old-school way to go about it would’ve been to call her a derogatory name, something along the lines of a word that rhymes with ‘rut’ but starts with an ‘s.’ He could’ve sparked a nasty rumor about her or led his male bandmates in an open roast of her right there on the spot. But that’s so circa 1986. Nowadays, anything and everything is fodder for the web, and this young lady can thank her lucky stars that her booty shots were intercepted before they went viral.

But the root of the problem is still her reasoning behind sending the pics in the first place. How devastated should her mother be because her daughter thinks so little, so low, so poor of herself that she would voluntarily try her hand at playing amateur porn star in an effort to attract guys?

Here’s my soapbox moment, and not because I’m looking down on anyone else but because I really hope we can rally together: we’ve got to boost our girls’ self-worth and keep closer eyes on their lives on the Internet. Because you do know it’s a completely different life than the one you’re familiar with? The girl child who goes to field hockey practice and studies for chem tests and asks to go to sleepovers on the weekends? That’s her normal teen side. But there’s a big possibility that she’s doing other things — on Skype, on Facebook, on chat, and obviously on text messaging — that would disappoint, maybe even shock you.

It’s the combustion of growing up under the influences of rapidly advancing technology and rapidly advancing sexuality. It’s everywhere. In song lyrics and TV show story lines and, heck, even video games. Society’s obsession with soft core smut ain’t nothing new, but it is getting bolder, more widely integrated, and more acceptable.

There weren’t too many chicks trying to snap full-body shots of themselves with Polaroid cameras back in the '70s. That would’ve been a bit … awkward. (Not that I was around to know firsthand. I’m an '80s baby, thank ye very much.) And if they did succeed, the flicks only got distributed but so far.

Now the web means anything can go anywhere to as many people who want to see it with the click of the ‘send’ button, and it’ll hang out there in cyberspace until the end of time. It literally becomes never-dying content. Who wants a Google search of their little girl’s name to produce her sports stats, her induction into the National Honor Society, and a string of self-portraits showing off her goodies?

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before. But it doesn’t become real until it’s your daughter’s parts and pieces put all on display for the whole World Wide Web to see and lust over. Low self-esteem has always been the catalyst behind the high school ho’s unsavory behavior, whether she knew that that was the reason herself, whether she would confess it out loud, or whether she even cared. But I know you and I don’t want our children to become that girl, just like this mother didn’t want hers to become a school-wide cell phone sensation.

How do you teach a teen girl to respect her body — and the power of the Internet? How do you teach a teen boy not to fall into the trap, too?  

Image via evoo73/Flickr

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nonmember avatar MissKitty

"Hos" doesn't have an apostrophe in that context, and you shouldn't be referring to misguided teen girls as such anyway.

nonmember avatar MissKitty

And regardless of how ill-advised it may have been to send several boys pictures of her body, it is despicable for the boy to threaten to share the photos.

Still, slapping a minor with child-porn charges is RIDICULOUS

Beths... Bethsunshine

If she hadn't sent the nude pics in the first place, this wouldn't even be an issue. Parents need to monitor their teens' cell phone and internet use. It's not invading their privacy, it's called being a parent. If the parents of this girl would have kept a close watch on her cell phone use, they would have known about the pictures and taken care of the problem ( at least I HOPE they would have, these days you never know), before it got to this point.

cmari... cmarie452

Yeah, you shouldn't be calling high school girls "ho's".  Besides all that, how do you know the "ho" you speak was doing all that out of low self-esteem, or if she was doing it at all? How do you know girls who have sex in high school aren't just exploring their sexuality in ways that high school boys do. Yes, many girls do stupid things to get popular, because they have low self-esteem, but slut-shaming them certainly isn't helping them feel better about themselves now is it. Af for monitoring her phone, if she deletes everything before the parents get a hold of it, they won't find out until something like this happens, if they ever find out. Teens are sneaky little creatures and they're experts at hiding what they don't want you to see and even the most vigilant of parents can miss things.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

No, the point of slut-shaming is to make them feel ashamed of their behavior - which far too many young girls (and boys, for that matter) are lacking.  I'd like to know why there's no charge against her (well, her parents, given her age) for distributing child porn, since she's the one who sent the pictures in the first place.  Seems like that might be a good place to start, to get parents to understand that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for the actions of their kids and need to do a better job.

The problem with thinking that kids who put themselves into these situation need and deserve understanding and coddling and a self-esteem boost does NOTHING to teach kids self-respect.  All it does is plant the victim mentality seed that'll continue to grow throughout adulthood, when no stupid thing they ever do is their fault if they were just doing it so people will like them.  Some lessons are hard, but better to learn them early, because they get harder and harder each time.

cmari... cmarie452

Young women who choose to be sexual have no reason to be ashamed. Sex and sexual exploration is a natural part of life. Those who make the decision to engage in sexual activities have no reason to be ashamed just because you're a close-minded prude. Teens, just like adults, should give sex the care and consideration it deserves but it's nothing to be ashamed for. Supporting a girl who has such low self-esteem she only feels validated if people think she is attractive isn't coddling, it's teaching her that she's worth more than that so that when she does decide to be sexual it will be because she's ready and comfortable and has the respect for herself not to base her self-worth on how others see her. You're just as bad as the immature kids that start the nasty rumors just to bully someone they don't like. Support teaches self-respect, slut-shaming reinforces low self-esteem, which is the exact opposite of self-respect.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

If you don't think she has reason to be ashamed, good for you.  I think differently.  You can think I'm a close-minded prude, just like from your response, I suspect you may be a lax parent (or the product of such) that probably would've benefitted from some shaming either from your own behavior or that of your daughter.  Decent society doesn't embrace the sharing of naked pictures of children, regardless of the reason.

Beths... Bethsunshine

hoticedcoffee, you hit the nail on the head!!!

cmari... cmarie452

First of all, my daughter is 2 months old and it's incredibly disrespectful for you to even bring her up. Your daughter must be the good-girl during the day, sex freak at night. After all, what do you expect, it's not like you're giving her a healthy outlook on sex and whether you like it or not she's going to want to explore it. Although if you're willing to call me a slut without even knowing me I guess I can't really be surprised. Attack my child, attack my mom, attack me; what exactly are you trying to prove? That you're better than me, because if so you failed when you brought my child into this. You're a terrible person and all your morals argument is crap because true morals would dictate that you leave innocents out of your petty little gripe. Decent society doesn't attack an infant because her mother disagreed with you.I'm not supporting the sharing of naked pictures of children, that's wrong on all levels. However, exploring your sexuality in a safe and controlled environment is healthy and normal. Unlike you.

hotic... hoticedcoffee

LOL!!!!  Honestly, laughed right out loud at : 

Although if you're willing to call me a slut without even knowing me I guess I can't really be surprised. 

After you said "because you're a close-minded prude." about me in your prior post.  Soooooo sorry, I thought you were an adult, but clearly you're part of the "I can dish it out only" team - as we can see by the tantrum you go on to have.  I didn't bring up your daughter - YOU DID - I only formulated a reasonable guess as to why you'd have such distasteful outlooks on pre-teen sex.  But hey - even more enlightened now after your diatribe with regards to what (and who) is normal.  Good luck with that daughter.

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