Parents on Facebook Make Twitter a Teenage Wasteland

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So "Parents & Facebook" is a trending topic on Twitter right now, and as you might guess, the tweens and teens and even some of the college kids all seem to agree that they hate having their parents on Facebook. Whether their parents are just lurking on their Facebook wall as one of their "Friends" or totally co-opting Facebook to show embarrassing family photos, teens are hating it. And what do kids do when their parents catch on? They find someplace else to go and be rotten. They simply can't help it!

So I'll let you in on a secret, parents. If your teens have gone radio silent on Facebook lately or are acting like complete angels on their wall, don't pat yourselves on the back for your excellent parenting skills too soon. You might just want to check elsewhere -- it's called Twitter.


Here are just a few tweets from the gazillion kids on Twitter tonight and what they have to say about Parents & Facebook and their newest alternative hideout, Twitter (Twitter handles removed to protect the guilty; I'm not totally cruel):

-- Parents & Facebook = why I have a Twitter

-- Parents can have Facebook. But let's not be dumb and show them twitter.

-- I'd rather have my parents on facebook than on twitter. I would #DIE if my parents saw half my tweets. 

-- Parents & Facebook: Tolerable. Parents & Twitter: I'm deleting my account. 

-- There is at least twitter because the parents invaded facebook LOL 

-- #WhoCares if Parents & Facebook mix, because we have twitter

-- Parents can have Facebook. But they better leave twitter the hell alone

-- We should just let parents have Facebook .. they already killed it

-- I made Facebook to say what I feel, when my parents added me.....I got a f*kn twitter

Don't let this all worry you too much though. It's not all bad news. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, Internet use can help their communication skills, boost their technical abilities, and provide parents with all kinds of teachable moments. In fact, new AAP guidelines tell doctors to:

... advise parents to talk to children and adolescents about their online use and the specific issues that today's online kids face, such as cyberbullying, sexting, and difficulty managing their time.

Co-author of the report Gwenn O'Keeffe says it's up to parents to keep up with these new technologies so they can relate and "comfortably parent in that world."

That's right, parents. Now that you joined Facebook to monitor your kid -- and promptly got sucked into it for your own social fulfillment -- it's time to remember your original motives and learn something new again for your kids' sakes. Plus, Twitter is tons of fun. Let's totally take it over!

Are your teens creeping around on Twitter? Would you even know if they are?


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