'Wanted' Posters Get Concerned Dad Arrested

domingosSometimes I'm really thankful that I wasn't cool enough in high school to have a boyfriend. Not only did the free time allow me to memorize every Dawson's Creek episode and to shave my legs over and over for a boy that was never going to touch them, but I avoided the whole dad-meets-beau scenario that just seems too entirely awkward to even imagine. And if your dad is anything like Domingos Oliveira, you had a lot of problems, or a lot of protection, depending how you look at it.

Domingos didn't like who his 19-year-old daughter was dating, so he did what any concerned father would do, and put a bounty on her boyfriend's head. Oops! That's illegal and he's in jail for solicitation of murder? Should he not have done that? His bad. Does it matter that her boyfriend was 14 years older than her and a registered sex offender? No? OK. Double oops.


Domingos' daughter is a freshman at Grossmont College near San Diego, so naturally that's where Domingos started his search for her boyfriend. He stapled "Wanted" posters around campus with a picture of the hated BF. The posters allegedly said the man is wanted, dead or alive, and that Domingos was willing to pay $3,000 for his capture. Cue wind-blown tumbleweeds crossing dusty road.

His daughter and her boyfriend called the police, and they arrested Domingos with a $250,000 bail. YIKES. That's no joke. Domingos says the signs were a scare-tactic and that he didn't actually want the guy dead or alive, jeez. Where's everyone's sense of humor?

Unfortunately, no one's laughing. It's kind of a big deal to solicit murder. (Note to self: remove posters in apartment hallway asking for third floor's yappy dog's head in a basket.)

I've got to hand it to Domingos. While his method wasn't exactly street legal, I like the passion and madness behind his approach. He only wants the best for his daughter and is worried about her well-being. If convicted, he faces up to 11 years in prison. He says the posters were more "help wanted" than just, you, "wanted."

If only the Creek were still around, Joey and Pacey could totally act this out.

Do you think Domingos deserves to be in jail for this? What lengths would you go to to protect your child?

Photo via La Mesa Police Department via AOL

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