Honor Student Allegedly Pistol Whips Mom for New Car

Teens and gunsWell folks, here’s one that surely qualifies for the “well, I’ll be damned” files. Rachel Ann Hachero, a 17-year-old girl headed for an Ivy League school, reportedly flew into a rage when she called her mama from a local car dealership asking her to co-sign the application for the 2004 Nissan 350Z she wanted. And her mama, like most of us with good common scruples, flatly refused.

But here’s the alleged twist: the gun-slangin’ teen not only told the woman who birthed her that she was going to kill her, she proceeded to get a gun and pistol whip her mother, then threatened her all the way back to the car lot, ostensibly peeling the barrel away from the frightened lady long enough for her to sign the papers after all. Heck, if she’d do all that for a 2004, what in the world would the child have done for a factory-fresh 2011?


But wait. So sweet and kindhearted is this little hellion’s dearest mama that she didn’t want to press charges for fear she’d ruin the scholarships her daughter has lined up to go to an upper crust college. Mom only called the police after she went into the Florida teen’s purse to get the gun — smart move, by the way — and stumbled on some drug para in the process.

Where oh where oh where do I begin?

I can’t even express how much better this mom is than I am. She is a saint. Let my child even raise her voice because I won’t sign on the dotted line so that her 17-year-old rump can ride in a 2004 sports car (all while I’m putzing around in a 2002 Stratus, mind you), and she probably wouldn’t have even needed to come home to get me. I would’ve been down there at the lot asking her if she had lost her ever-lovin’ mind in the first place. But here’s another reason why this mom gets kudos from me: she was more concerned about this crazy nut making good on her college dreams than getting that whole pistol-whipping thing squared away with the cops. Puh-lease.

Now, as a mother, I’m pretty sure she knows her daughter better than anybody else in the world and is confident of the great contributions she’s capable of, particularly with an Ivy League education under her wings. But the girl clearly needs some marathon couch time and a little drug rehab before she can really be an asset to anyone’s student body. Picture her going to Harvard or Brown or U Penn with this kind of hell-on-wheels mojo behind her. It’s a shame her mother had to get the brunt of the fallout, but if it wasn’t her, it would’ve surely been a roommate, a professor, or maybe even the whole campus. We could’ve been reading about this freshman nut going bonkers somewhere along the lines. Now she doesn’t have the chance to do that kind of damage.

But at the very base of it all, anybody who felt comfortable enough getting a gun at 17 to assault their own mother — I don’t care if they’re under, over, or betwixt the influence of illegal drugs — is a real-life menace to society. She just got caught before she could do widespread damage.

Was this mother right for reporting her daughter to the police?

Image via The.Comedian/Flickr

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