College Kids Have Sex on Roof, Prove Some Things Never Change (VIDEO)

Many people go a little nuts in college. For many, it's that last hurrah, the last opportunity to be wild before adulthood settles in and you have to be all boring. Of course, some kids take this more seriously than others. One couple recently caught by cameras having sex on the roof of a building at USC is making memories that will last a lifetime ... unfortunately.

These poor kids' parents. Somehow these two young, nubile college kids were caught on the roof and, naturally, it went viral (not in an STD way) because duh. Who doesn't want to see two people with gorgeous bodies going at it? I warn you, this video isn't for viewing at the office or around little eyes:


This comes on the heels of the Karen Owen sex scandal at Duke University and some pretty disgusting, sexist emails about women that came out of the same frat that the man on top of the roof came from. In that email, women were referred to as targets with the implication being that the only thing they wanted was sex and with as many people as possible.

It seems they got what they wanted after all.

College sex is all the rage these days. And both students will henceforth have a veritable sex tape in their past. This seems pretty hot and sexy at 21, but at 26, when you're trying to get a job ... well, let's just hope their names aren't released to the public after the investigation.

The man in question was suspended from his fraternity. Now, this whole thing can really be interpreted in two ways. As an adult mom, I am horrified and hope to god that my 22-year-old daughter never does something this stupid and potentially life destroying.

On the other hand, as an adult who was in college once, I can kind of see how this could be hot. IF they were in a loving relationship (God, I am such a mom) and IF they used protection. So, yes, it was stupid, but one has to assume they didn't know they were being taped. They were just trying to do something a little out there and exciting to spice up their sex life and oops!

Yes, they should be disciplined and, yes, they need to be taught that kind of behavior is bad, but I would be a complete hypocrite if I sat here in judgement. The fact is, many of us did wild things in our youth. The only difference is there were no cameras or YouTube or viral emails to be concerned about back then.

Yes, kids need to be careful in our tech-filled world, but this is also not quite as shocking as we're being led to believe.

Are you shocked by this?


Image via Fergie_lancealot/Flickr

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