'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Fight Provoked by 'Friend'

Brittany MaggardDid you watch the video of Teen Mom 2 "star" Jenelle Evans in a knock-down drag-out fight last week and wonder: was she set up? Then hand yourself a prize! Brittany Maggard, the teenage girl caught on camera literally pushing Evans into Britany Truett (yes, a lot of Brittanys, let's try to keep them straight), had the stupidity audacity to actually tell reporters ON CAMERA that she "wanted to see them fight."

Maggard admitted in a TMZ video that she instigated the whole thing. "I pushed her," Maggard said. This after Jenelle invited her along because she was "scared" to face Truett over comments about ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp on Facebook. Yes, folks, we may have found a bigger idiot than Jenelle Evans in this whole mess.


Maggard has been charged along with Evans and Truett with "misdemeanor affray," another word for fighting in a public space. Evans' lawyer has been alleging that she was set up, and Maggard proved herself dumb enough to let that cat right out of the bag ... before her own court date.

I should point out quickly that this doesn't make the teen mom any less culpable for her actions. She could have decided not to go confront another girl over -- by Maggard's description anyway -- a boy. She could have decided not to bring along the type of friend who would literally push her into a fight. And she could have NOT thrown the first punch in a fight. She deserves legal punishment.

BUT ... and this is a big but ... Maggard admitted on camera to being on the scene only to instigate a fight. She admitted on camera that what she really regrets is that she got mixed up in a legal battle. All this where a judge can see it before he/she makes up his/her mind about Maggard.

Then, to top it off, she lashed out at the one person who may be able to help her in this mess -- Jenelle, who could keep Maggard out of it by admitting her own wrong in this situation. Said Maggard:

I think if I was trying to help her than she should try to help me. But she's really not. She's just worried about herself.

Gee, from the girl who was supposed to have her friend's back at an argument, then ended up physically pushing her into a fight, that's pretty ironic. Isn't it? She went on to bash Teen Mom, saying that the girls on the show will obviously do anything just to be on TV. Which sounds an awful lot like a case of the pot calling the kettle black  ... as she chats with a TV camera crew. Apparently Jenelle isn't the only one who hasn't learned a thing from this season of Teen Mom 2.

Is Brittany Maggard acting like an even bigger idiot than Jenelle? Does that make Jenelle seem more or less sympathetic?


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