'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Arrested & We Continue Gawking

Jenelle Evans mugshot mug shot
Jenelle Evans mugshot
Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, 19, was arrested last night for the videotaped assault of another young woman Britany Truett. Shortly after being booked into Brunswick County Jail, Evans was released on bond. Now Jenelle's *cough* enabler *cough* lawyer is claiming Jenelle was set up, just as The Stir writer Jeanne Sager guessed when the story broke. I'm sure it's true. Those good-for-nothing varmints she hangs out with would surely screw over a friend and push her into a fight that they could videotape and sell. However, this victim claim doesn't put the responsibility where it needs to be -- on Jenelle.

From her loser friends and MTV to her lawyer, Jenelle is spinning in a world where no one demands personal responsibility. It's really sad. If you're a viewer of the show, you're not off the hook either. This may be television, but Jenelle's life is real. Are we really just going to tune in to watch her self destruct? Is this really the best we can do?


Jenelle Evans is on the fast track to loserville, and I think she just signed on the dotted line for a life of criminal behavior amid a fog of marijuana-smoking nothingness. She already lost custody of her son Jace and has a drug charge, so this assault charge is just another bad mark on her record. Jenelle hangs out with her bad news boyfriend Kieffer Delp -- who was also incidentally picked up by police when they arrested Jenelle because police had a warrant on him for a cocaine charge. She has a violence problem. She probably has a drug problem. She may never be fit to hold a job or raise her child.

In other words, she's a disaster.

I'd be all for jail time for Jenelle if I thought she would be rehabilitated in there, but odds are with that temper and no tools to manage it, she'll just end up in solitary constantly and never get any help. This young woman needs real counseling, anger management, maybe even drug rehab. But then again, she is an adult now and has to seek these things out for herself, and she doesn't really look ready to do that.

But here's the tough question for us ... MTV and we as viewers of Teen Mom put Jenelle's life into the spotlight, and we've been watching it unfold in all its ugliness. So how can we look away now? Are we really supposed to just let this young woman sink and completely ruin her life? There are lots of teen moms with similar struggles out there who we choose to ignore and pretend don't exist, but here's a woman's life we've invested in and studied practically under a microscope.

Can we really just sit back and eat our popcorn and watch her fall? Should we?

Is there anything to be done for Jenelle or is she just destined for loserville?

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