Miley Cyrus Can Blame Her Dad for Her Behavior

mileyIn elementary school, we learned a line dance to "Achy Breaky Heart." I knew in fourth grade that Billy Ray Cyrus was not a man to be trusted. The mullet of a man has said some pretty ridiculous things recently to GQ, blaming Miley's misbehavior and his impending divorce on the Disney Channel show that made them all rich and famous.

Now Billy Ray has gone on The View and told the ladies that he's calling off his divorce and has reunited with his wife, Trish. Things are back to being peachy-keen, apparently.

All this back and forth -- no wonder Miley's hitting the sauce.


Billy Ray has got to be one of the worst Dads of the year. He just makes his problems so public, which seems to encourage his daughter to make her private life more visible, as well. I mean, she allowed herself to be filmed smoking out of a bong. Granted, she's a teenager, but maybe had Dad instilled in her the value of confidentiality, she wouldn't be in these pickles.

He told the most annoying co-hosts on TV: "I've dropped the divorce. I want to put my family back together ... Things are the best they've ever been."

I find that hard to believe seeing as Miley is becoming the next Paris Hilton and Trish was supposedly banging rocker Bret Michaels. I think he's just saying these things to save face. Even though his words and actions affect every ounce of his family unit, I get the impression he's more worried about his image than his family's happiness.

But no matter! Billy Ray tells us it's true, so it must be so. He also insists he's mending his relationship with Miley, saying, "I feel like I got my Miley back. I feel like we're the daddy and daughter we were before Hannah Montana."

And there he goes again blaming Disney. If he were my dad, the best thing he could do for me would be to stop giving interviews and talking about our relationship. Miley's still a teen and learning what relationships are all about. Billy Ray's stage-fathering and hogging is not helping.

Do you think Billy has his family's best interest at heart, or simply his own?

Photo via Norismoonlight/Flickr

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