Kid Suspended for Body Slamming Bully Is a Hero

casey heynes

Most of me is cheering for Casey Heynes, the 16-year-old Australian kid who's quickly becoming a virtual star for body-slamming his bully in a fierce and powerful display of "Leave me the eff alone, you stupid insecure little runt!"

Rest assured that obnoxious bully (who is almost half Casey's size, does he need glasses or something?) will not be tormenting Casey again any time soon. Most likely because he's sitting in a hospital somewhere with a broken shin and smashed nose, and because of the viral video showing the incident between the two boys and the Internet following that is basically hailing Casey a hero. Or it may be because Casey was actually suspended for this incident, and may face criminal charges for defending himself -- if you can even believe that.


Even though that bully got what was coming to him in the biggest way and the fact that the video captured it all. It's plain as day how he provoked Casey, how Casey was clearly not the instigator. It shows how Casey resisted as long as he could, before snapping and doing what anyone who is forced to endure this type of harassment on a daily basis would do -- he grabbed the little shit and slammed him to the concrete like the sack of dirt he is.

Judge for yourself -- if you can. YouTube keeps removing the video from its site, but a few places, like this one, may still be playing it. (Else, try Googling.)

And the rest of me, granted not as much as the part that's thrilled Casey defended himself, is just so sad. Sad that school officials let it get to the point where it had to happen in the first place. Every single teacher, administrator, and janitor in that place had to know what was going on, especially since this was not an isolated incident. According to a Facebook page set up in Casey's defense, he "has been tormented every single day of his short high school life." 

I'm sad because the other students let it get to this point. Just look at those two standing right there, watching and laughing as Casey gets his face punched in, as well as the idiot who was there filming it. No doubt the film got a drastically different presentation than he planned, as he was likely a friend of Mr. Humiliated Bully. I'm sad that our children are faced with violence like this, sad that we finding ourselves glorifying it in the name of justice and retribution.

And, yeah, maybe I'm even 0.0000000001 percent sad for the bully, who should be happy he's still alive after that brutal World Wrestling move.

But mostly I'm sad, just so sad for poor Casey, a seemingly good kid who just wanted to be left alone. Suspended from school, facing possible criminal charges. His life tainted forever. All the Facebook pages in the world won't make that go away. Even though Casey did what most of us who were bullied in school, and what most of us moms would wish and hope our kids would do in the same situation, he's even more of a victim now than he was before.

Is Casey a hero? Would you have wanted your kid to do the exact same thing?

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