Kids Go Missing for YEARS & Parents Never Report It

emptyUsually you hear a news story about some parent or another maybe, possibly being bad parents, and you let it go. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. But in the case of Austin Eugene Bryant and Edward Dylan Bryant, I'm calling it now -- send their parents to jail. They've just joined the worst parents EVER list.

Because Austin and Edward are teenage boys missing since they were 7 and 9 respectively. And according to El Paso, TX police, Edward and Linda Bryant, did not report Edward's disappearance, even though he's been missing 10 years. They didn't report Austin was gone either, even though he's been missing for eight. Let me repeat that. TEN YEARS. EIGHT YEARS.


If my daughter is out of my sight for 20 seconds when we're at the mall, I start asking "where is she? where is she?" And these parents didn't say boo for 10 years?

Why they went missing, exactly when or why it took so long for authorities to figure it out isn't really being said. But why the Bryants failed to make a report is. It seems to come down to money -- the boys were both adopted, and the Adoption and Assistance Welfare Act provides for regular subsidies for parents who adopt kids out of the foster care system. It's meant to encourage domestic adoptions and to get kids out of the foster system and into good homes. It's not meant to be a moneymaker for lunatics posing as "parents."

But police say the Bryants have spent the last 10 years collecting their money like Edward was chilling on the couch, the last 8 like Austin was just a regular boy growing like a weed and playing video games. They're being charged with a raft of felonies for taking the money.

But what about these kids? Where the heck are they? In the backyard somewhere? And why haven't the Bryants been slapped with -- if nothing else -- child endangerment charges? They let a then-7-year-old and a then 9-year-old disappear into thin air. The boys would be teenagers now; Edward even old enough to be an adult (if they're still alive, God willing). If a parent leaves a 7- and a 9-year-old alone for an hour, they can be charged with endangerment and neglect -- we see it all the time.

But it seems the Bryants left their kid alone for 10 years! And nothing? Authorities are searching for the kids as though they're alive -- hoping the now teenage boys are out there, somewhere. Maybe police are waiting to find out if the children are alive before they proceed with the Bryants' case, but I don't have any mercy for these so-called parents.

How about you?


Image via andrecarol/Flickr

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