Is Faith Kroll a Teacher or an Exhibitionist?


Faith Kroll
Faith Kroll
Oh wow, will you look at this? Masturbation studies have (officially) come to college! And who's bringing it? Exhibitionists Faith Kroll, 25, and her fiance Jim Marcus, 44, brought everybody's favorite pastime into a human sexuality class at Northwestern University. That's right. Kroll performed a sexual demonstration with a machine-powered sex toy in front of a voluntary, after-school class of students. And yes, Jim brought Faith ALL the way, uh, "home" during the demo.

Faith Kroll is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist who was not paid for her demonstration; however, she enjoyed it because she's into that. However, that doesn't make her demonstration any less educational for the class, does it? 

By definition, this demonstration was NOT a live sex act or a free porn show. It was not designed to arouse the students but to teach them. Just because Faith was naked doesn't make it less educational; in fact, it makes it even MORE educational! The only naked, sexual beings we ever get to see up close are usually in pornography, which is a very false representation of true human sexuality and arousal, especially for women. So calling this pornography is quite off the mark, in fact. And where do you want your kids getting their real-life sexuality lessons -- in school or on the Internet or, worse, from some lame dude?

Here's what Faith had to say via Twitter about the difference between her educational demo for classroom purposes and pornography:

the class we taught was a psych sexuality class.

It's not porn if you're teaching about the mechanics. That's the kind of stuff you hide in porn!

porn is a fantasy nothing I did was fantasy. it was as clinical as the movie that was shown in the class, but with more facts!

And folks, let's not forget, this is a college, not a high school, and these are adults. The class was completely voluntary, and the students were repeatedly told what they would be seeing.

But what about that part about Faith being an exhibitionist? Does her enjoyment of the lesson make her a less effective teacher? I don't know. I've always learned best from my more passionate teachers who really believed in and cared about what they were teaching, as Faith obviously does. And she didn't do the demo alone with no educational information to back it up. There were educators in the room teaching the coordinating lessons and answering questions.

But isn't being an exhibitionist just creepy? Well, not the way Faith explains it:

it was a fetish to do it in front of people who wanted to see it. it's specific attention that is liked, not all.

Being an exhibitionist doesn't mean someone likes all attention.

This, in fact, goes hand in hand with the lessons about sex safety and consent that were being taught alongside the demonstration. These are very important lessons for college students. Full consent should be present in every single sexual act. Always.

What more could a parent hope college tuition to cover? These kids learned about human sexuality, the workings of the female body and female arousal (great for women and men), as well as about safety and consent in a compelling demonstration that they will never forget. That's a whole lot of good learning if you ask me.

What do you think of this type of teaching? Too racy for college or critical for young, often sexually active youth?


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buffa... buffalove23

I agree with you 100%. It's shocking, yes, but they are adult and it was voluntary.

bsawy... bsawyer84

I don't think it's a critical lesson, but there is certainly nothing wrong with it.

foxyb... foxyboxer12182

Its college, they are adults and no one was forced to be there. Nothing wrong with it.

angev... angevil53

probably better than the tab A into slot B crap they played for us in school. it's not critical to know what they were teaching, but it probably helps with a healthy sexual relationship to know where the "goodies" are

kaylaird kaylaird

They're adults and it was voluntary, but to me, it's still sick and twisted.

Eric Harms

There is this invention called the internet that does not operate off tax payer dollars. They could learn how to use sex toys there or by reading the back of a box. I can't believe you liberal moms (foxyboxer) do not see anything wrong with this being in education. I feel bad for your children.

Eric Harms

In addition, I am sure this falls under the "academic freedom act" and he will file a suit to get his job back. Because of that act students are allowed to view porn on computers in public-labs purchased with tax dollars, grants, or referendum money. Chicago schools are known for liberal scum bags, look at UIC who has Bill Ayers teaching. He use to blow up public buildings with his wife who teaches at another nearby school.


Alana Waters-Piper

This is a private university. No part of this was covered in "tax payer's dollars". Additionally, this took place outside of the classroom hours and participation was voluntary by all who took part in the study.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Ummm are people that stupid that they need to be shown how to use a vibrator???? And HOW to enjoy it?? I don't know, this is a bit much but whatever. Guess some people really don't understand.

Eric Harms

Incorrectomondo. Bus Transportation, educational materials and computer equipment (Mitchell v. Helms) can be paid for by tax dollars regardless if an institution is public or private. It is a small amount compared to state grants, the foundation, and tuition but is still there. 

Tell me Alana, cant this information be read off the back of a box? Is a live demonstration necessary?


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