Teen Calls 911 on Teacher Trying to Get Kids to Pay Attention


student deskGet ready to call all your childhood teachers and congratulate them on escaping the field unscathed. Because we've had a lot of crazy news about teachers who may or may not have been doing something totally up and up lately. But what you're about to read proves schools are no longer being run by educators. They've got the parents . . . and the kids in charge.

A high school teacher in California has been suspended from his job because he . . . wait for it . . . rattled a table to get his students' attention. Full on shook that baby! It startled an eighth grade student, so the teen decided to call 911 (on a cell phone that I'm going to bet she shouldn't have had in math class anyway).

Now the teacher is on administrative leave. Because a spoiled brat couldn't believe that she should have to pay attention in math class. That's the reason folks. In fact, an administrator told the press that they only reason he's been suspended is because the police were called . . . by that bratty teenager. And the cops said no one in the class was bothered except that student.

So who is in charge here? Not the teacher. Not the administrator.

I wish I could call my ninth grade history teacher. He'd love to know that the day he saw my book cover in tatters, walked over, ripped it off and asked me "now will you get a new book cover?" should have landed him in hot water. Of course when I went home I didn't even tell my parents because I knew what would happen. They would hand me a paper bag and say, "Go make yourself a new book cover."

And then there's the teacher who caught my friend Andrew sleeping, just zonked out on the desk, right in front of his podium. Mr. S. tried to just call his name. Nothing. So he (gasp) rattled the podium. Again, nothing more than a big gust of air out of Andrew's open mouth. So Mr. S. grabbed a giant book (probably the dictionary) and dropped it, right on the ground, right between our desks. Oh, Andrew was startled alright. He sat up, turned bright red, and paid attention for the rest of class.

I'd put both of those teachers from my high school on par with the guy in California. So what's the difference? Andrew and I knew we screwed up. We knew our parents would know we screwed up. And we knew that we weren't going to get any sympathy from anyone for screwing up.

Children and parents are both part of the educational process, and important parts. But if they can't follow the basic rules (no cell phones in math class?), there needs to be someone left to reign things in. That means teachers, and it means administrators who will back up their teachers.

Who should be suspended here? The teacher? Or the teenager who called 911 for a desk rattling?


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Mommy... MommyLady

This is pathetic. The student should be doubly punished for being an entitled twit and for calling 911 for a non-emergency.

Bodda... Boddah266

Excellent article!

I remember when teachers used to get our attention in much the same way this teacher did but we didn't cry to our parents. Why? Because our parents would have been right there with the teachers and we would have been punished!

What in the hell is this world coming to?

nonmember avatar Tori

That's ridiculous that children these days are so spoiled and their parents too that they don't feel like they need to listen to authority. Makes me wonder how good her grades are and where kids with that attitude will end up in life. Oh I forgot they have reality shows for those kids... Jersey shore, 16 and pregnant, cut off, oh geez the list goes on and on. Spoiled brats are glorified these days. That's sickening and I am only 29 and my kids are only 5 and 2 but you better believe they will be raised to repect!

Kim Cobb

Insanity! That student should not only be in trouble with the school for having the phone in class but with the local law enforcement for abusing the 911 system. This was NOT an emergency. 

mommy... mommyof2rm

Why would he rattle the table for to get her attention or to scare her? If he just wanted her attention why didn't he just call her name. To be honest I don't think the police should have been called but if he was trying to scare her then I don't think he was right nor do I think that your teacher should have ripped your book cover.

bigbl... bigblueeyes

sadly we're living in the age of entitlement.....things that used to be privileges are now being seen as rights....it's extremely twisted!.....my first day of 7th grade at a new school i was mistakenly hit with an eraser because the jerk in front of me happened to dodge when the teacher threw it at him for not shutting up!.....maybe she should be in trouble!.....or how about the 6th grade teacher at my elementary school that used to drag children around by the ears!!!....(sadly, she's probably no longer with us so she escapes trouble on thsat one!)....good grief!!!!!!!!!!!.....it's just sickening!

mommy... mommyof2rm

I can also remember a time when teacher's used to spank the kids. I don't think that was ok either. The truth is that teachers are rude and they sometimes treat our kids badly because they don't love them, they don't respect them. I think some teacher's shouldnt' be teachers at all. There are some good teachers but when theyre moody you could still hear them yelling, taking out their bad mood on the kids. I hate leaving my kids in school cause teachers suck. I am a mom that tries to get involved in my school and so I see them and the way they act towards the kids and the way that they talk about the kids sometimes.

mel4him mel4him

The student is the one who should be the one punished not only by the school administration but also by the police. First  for having a cell phone in school (School Admin) and second for calling 911 when it was NOT an emergency (Police). Teach this brat a lesson.

Kairi... KairisMama

A teacher was SUSPENDED for this??? The STUDENT should be suspended for using a cell in class, and inappropriate use of 911. Another example of how THANKLESS the profession of teaching can be. RIDICULOUS!!!

mel4him mel4him

Society lets kids get away with way to much. There is little to NO accountability being placed on the behavior and actions of children. That is why we have so many PROBLEMS in our society with KIDS who do grow into ADULTS. God's grace and wrath go hand-in-hand.

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