Teen Calls 911 on Teacher Trying to Get Kids to Pay Attention


student deskGet ready to call all your childhood teachers and congratulate them on escaping the field unscathed. Because we've had a lot of crazy news about teachers who may or may not have been doing something totally up and up lately. But what you're about to read proves schools are no longer being run by educators. They've got the parents . . . and the kids in charge.

A high school teacher in California has been suspended from his job because he . . . wait for it . . . rattled a table to get his students' attention. Full on shook that baby! It startled an eighth grade student, so the teen decided to call 911 (on a cell phone that I'm going to bet she shouldn't have had in math class anyway).

Now the teacher is on administrative leave. Because a spoiled brat couldn't believe that she should have to pay attention in math class. That's the reason folks. In fact, an administrator told the press that they only reason he's been suspended is because the police were called . . . by that bratty teenager. And the cops said no one in the class was bothered except that student.

So who is in charge here? Not the teacher. Not the administrator.

I wish I could call my ninth grade history teacher. He'd love to know that the day he saw my book cover in tatters, walked over, ripped it off and asked me "now will you get a new book cover?" should have landed him in hot water. Of course when I went home I didn't even tell my parents because I knew what would happen. They would hand me a paper bag and say, "Go make yourself a new book cover."

And then there's the teacher who caught my friend Andrew sleeping, just zonked out on the desk, right in front of his podium. Mr. S. tried to just call his name. Nothing. So he (gasp) rattled the podium. Again, nothing more than a big gust of air out of Andrew's open mouth. So Mr. S. grabbed a giant book (probably the dictionary) and dropped it, right on the ground, right between our desks. Oh, Andrew was startled alright. He sat up, turned bright red, and paid attention for the rest of class.

I'd put both of those teachers from my high school on par with the guy in California. So what's the difference? Andrew and I knew we screwed up. We knew our parents would know we screwed up. And we knew that we weren't going to get any sympathy from anyone for screwing up.

Children and parents are both part of the educational process, and important parts. But if they can't follow the basic rules (no cell phones in math class?), there needs to be someone left to reign things in. That means teachers, and it means administrators who will back up their teachers.

Who should be suspended here? The teacher? Or the teenager who called 911 for a desk rattling?


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Johariz Johariz

ugh, how spoiled rotten!

When I was a junior in highschool I had a pretty awesome math teacher.... one day during the last week or so I fell asleep in class... So he popped a water balloon over my head (didn't hit me with it)... Of course that woke me right up.... It was funny.

Christine Coan

The kid AND their parents should be suspended!  (can they actually DO that??!!)  We had a teacher who pinched us, pulled our hair, whacked us with a ruler, and, on one occasion, threw a desk through a window.  (these actions for not knowing a correct answer) He certainly had OUR attention..plus I knew that Warriner's English manual cold!  Today, he'd probably be jailed.  I am not supporting his antics, mind you, but this story sickens me as a parent.  What are we teaching our children here?  This is truly absurd.  Perhaps the teacher can add to the absurdity and sue for mental anguish and pain and suffering?

momli... momlisa23

I had a teacher that would get as close to our faces as possible and yell if we fell asleep. It wasn't anything bad. He would scream "FIRE!!!" right in our faces if we fell asleep.  Everyone after that knew not to sleep in class! Another teacher would make you stand for the rest of the class! Now I guess both of these trachers would have been in trouble now. That spoiled child needs a good butt busting! My children would never act that way! Before I get criticized for saying I'd spank my child, I only use that in EXTREME situations and NEVER while I'm mad! And it is hand over clothes, not bare-assed as I used to get with a belt!

Kate Sandberg

My husband and I had the same history teacher for consecutive periods in HS.  One day, my hubby fell asleep, snoring, in Mr. Marcus's class... so Mr. M. duct-taped his head down to the desk.  Hubby was a little surprised when the bell woke him up, but he couldn't move! 

Next period, when I walked into class, I was berated by the teacher... "what did you DOOOOO to david last night, missy?  why can't he stay awaaaaaaaaake in my class?" (lots of laughter ensued)

Needless to say, we made sure we NEVER fell asleep in Mr. Marcus's class again.

(And, although we might be mentally scarred ;) we have great stories to tell the kids.)

nonmember avatar Christine

I feel for this teacher! The student needs to be suspended so the parents have to put up with her. My dad was a teacher for 32 years and even in elementary school he had to put up with so much just so he would not get in trouble! So it is okay for a kid to tell you he will shoot your brains out???(YEP, this happened to my dad and had he done anything to that child other than send him to the office my dad would have been punished...the kid got a "warning") Why do kids these days think THEY are the ones in charge?????!!!

Rick Torry

To quote Molly Ringwald... "Fucking teenagers."

maiah... maiahlynn

uumm ok he got suspended for shaking a table whats the big deal if I was this child mom I wouldn't press charges in fact I would be angry with my child.. the child should be in trouble for not paying attention & why in the world did he have a cell phone in class?

brasa... brasasalex

the student should KNOW BETTER then to have a cell phone IN CLASS! duh..if i got caught w/one my arse would have been suspended! :? good gracious! 911 no less! who does that? get up..walk out and complain! calling EMS cost the TAXPAYER MONEY! charge the parents while your suspending the teacher for something he DIDN'T do wrong. stupid school

@Gal51..ROLMAO! that's too funny ::


Ikeca Margaret Lee

I had a teacher that would drop a bowling ball by your head if you fell asleep in class, or he would kick your chair. (I would know, hehe)That was 6 years ago. This is sickening to think that teenagers call the shots now.

Cearl... Cearley_est_02

That is whats wrong with kids/teens today... lack of discipline! and I for one think its SAD!

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