Are Teen Boys the New Face of Feminism?

feminismWe all know what happens in most high schools: competition, name calling, "mean girl" typical teenager stuff. But sometimes it goes too far. Something interesting happened at Oak Park-River Forest High School after one (yet to be named) student created a Facebook list ranking 50 students (all girls) based on their looks and included sexually explicit details and racial and ethnic slurs.  

The girls decided to fight back and guys have joined them in the counter movement called RESPECT.

Feminism could be looking at a fundamental change, one that focuses on women as humans rather than a special segment of humans, with these teenage boys joining the efforts.


We’ve seen young men embracing their femininity in a lot of ways in recent years, proving that areas that were once considered “women-only” are no longer. Guyliner is still all the rage -- just look at Pete Wentz. Long hair is back in style and tons of guys use three times as much hair product as their female counterparts.

Beauty is in for men. As they borrow from women for their daily regimens, they are subconsciously breaking down gender lines. Blurring those boundaries goes so much further than just being pretty or willing to use girlie products.

Men are now wearing women’s clothes, even -- jeans being the most popular of course. The guys of yesterday wouldn’t have dreamed of donning a piece of women’s clothing, except in jest. That was purely the territory of the pranksters and transvestites. Once again blurring gender lines, guys are validating women by the simple act of wearing girl jeans.

Standing in solidarity with their fellow students is just a more concrete example of this change in feminism. Guys are starting to consider themselves part of the movement, instead of just bystanders. If this keeps up, we could be looking at a humanist movement, instead of one that remains segregated down gender lines. 

Do you think teens are leading the way in redefining feminism?


Image via jfrancis/Flickr

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