Remember Alex Brown: Justin Bieber Does (VIDEO)

remember alex brownExtreme Makeover: Home Edition is known for their tearjerker episodes, but they've outdone themselves this time in their Remember Alex Brown episode, with the help of Justin Bieber. Yes, Emma Roberts and NASCAR stars Carl Edwards and Greg Biffle were there too, but Bieber is making all of the headlines. Though, it is great to see celebs come together in order to bring awareness to the dangers of texting while driving.

So who is Alex Brown? And how does Bieber fit into the equation?


Alex was a 17-year-old girl who was killed in a car crash on her way to school. She was texting while driving

Instead of letting the accident crush them, the family -- mother Jeanne, dad Johnny Mac, and 12-year-old sister Katrina -- turned it into a movement called Remember Alex Brown. They travel all over Texas, with the wreckage of Alex's truck in tow, to demonstrate the very real dangers of texting while driving.

On the episode, Justin Bieber really surprised Katrina and her friends by personally taking time to meet with her before his special performance.

It's fantastic that a teen like Bieber is taking time to do really good things with his fame. Kids today too often feel invincible. You remember that feeling when you were young -- speeding along in the car, stereo jacked up, taking the corner a little too fast. Today’s kids do the same thing -- except they’ve grown up in a world that reveres multitasking. Everyone uses the phone in their cars. Most of us text or answer email in the car. The convenience is wonderful, isn’t it? You get work done on the way to the grocery store, you settle a sibling argument at home from the confines of the family SUV.

The problem is (besides putting yourself and others in danger) you are modeling this behavior for your children and their friends. They grow up in a world where it’s completely normal to do the equivalent of play a video game while driving. So why wouldn’t they think it’s okay? Why would they take it seriously when you tell them not to?

Show them what can happen. Show them what did happen to Alex Brown, and hundreds of other teens. Help them take it seriously.

Visit the Remember Alex Brown Foundation website. Make a donation. Sign the no texting while driving pledge. More importantly, get your kids to sign the pledge.


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