Second Graders Having Oral Sex: Roll Out the Bubbles


classroomPrepare to be so disgusted you can't see straight. A second grade teacher in California has been yanked out of the classroom after reports made their way to the school principal that students were performing oral sex on one another inside the classroom. Let me repeat that. Second graders. Oral sex.

I know grown women who have declared their marriages blow job-free zones. And we have second graders going down on one another? OMG, so much to do now. Pull my kid out of public school. Find a tutor. Cancel all future playdates. Cancel the cable. Fit her for a chastity belt!

Overreacting a scooch? OK, you got me. But when I saw the words "second grade" and "oral sex" in the same sentence, Mommy brain took over and normal sane adult woman brain went out for a stroll around the 'hood. I just don't need to think about 7-year-old mouths and yeeeeeech.

But then I sat back, crunched the numbers, realized I can't hire the tutor and can't live without those playdates for some Mom sanity. I caved. I went sane. 

Don't roll out the bubbles just yet, Mom and Dad. There's evidently a lot more going wrong here than one bad teacher. It sounds like at least one of these kids is being abused. Too quick a jump with too little information? Not really. One of the markers of sex abuse is a child who "demonstrates bizarre, sophisticated, or unusual sexual knowledge or behavior."

Oral sex is not normal behavior for kids in second grade. Even those who have yet to develop the "ewww, the opposite sex has cooties" attitude typical of 7-year-olds are generally thinking about holding hands, maybe a smooch on the cheek. In a 2003 survey of 580 ninth graders, with the average age of 14.5 years old, only 20 percent had yet engaged in oral sex. Even that was considered surprising by researchers, who found oral sex is becoming more acceptable among teens who consider it safer than intercourse for the prevention of (among other things) pregnancy.

Little kids do sexually experiment without abuse guiding the way, but it's generally self pleasuring. Sorry, Mom and Dad, but little kids masturbate too. They're fascinated by their changing bodies, and they have figured out it feels good. That's normal.

Going down on your BFF in the back of the classroom is not normal. And they've got to be learning it from somewhere. Just like the 5-year-old who comes to school threatening to "kill people" after hearing it from their parents. Our kids are going to be OK as long as we keep up our "non-oral sex at home" ways. Sadly, the same can't be said for these two kids in California.


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jj_ho... jj_horn2004

WOW....I don't know what to say other then WOW!!!!

momof... momofamonkey83

Oh my.  I agree with the fact that yes, even though we don't want to see it, know about it or even think about it, kids do discover that certain things feel good when they do certain stuff to themselves.  However, children doing it to each other....there is something VERY wrong with that because they should have absolutely NO CLUE that you can even do that to one another.  Hell, I was almost 16 whenever I learned what a freaking BJ was, and it grossed me out thinking about it!  :)  This is horrible to hear.  My son will be in 2nd grade next year, and I can't imagine him ever even knowing to do something like that, much less actually doing it!

Pishyah Pishyah

One of the reasons I want to homeschool so badly is to avoid this kind of behavior.  Let us say that the child who has not been sexually abused that was in this situation now takes that kind of knowledge and teaches it to other children.  Someone calls CPS on that child's parents for what happened.  More children have been violated.  It just isn't a good situation.  And things like this happen as young as kindergarten and preschool, ladies.

popta... poptart0325

WOW is all I can think of to say. This is crazy. I have a small cousin that's almost in 2nd grade and that's just a terrifying thought.

Christopher Koulouris

If these incidents did actually happen, we’ve got a lot more to worry about than standardized test scores in this country, now we’ve got live child pornography taking place during class in public schools. What would you grade that?

RanaA... RanaAurora

My son is in first grade and we've got friends with second graders. I can't even BEGIN to imagine. OMG.

vanes... vanessa5470

That behavior is NOT normal at all. The child has obviously SEEN this SOMEWHERE. Either he/she caught their parents, siblings, saw it on tv. etc. etc.

It's the PARENTS fault, I mean seriously for a 7 year old to have this type of behavior warrants red flags. The child could ALSO be being abused at home and is "testing" it out on others.

Yes exploring is normal, but full blown putting a mouth on another person's body part is not.

Demonizing public schools and teachers isn't the answer. This could happen in your OWN home while Billy and Susy are innocently playing dress up in their room.

Heather Swagga

This is horrible. My son is one year shy of entering into the school system and the thought of him being around children who might have been abused, haven't received therapy for it yet and are demonstrating the things they were indecently exposed to at a too-young age is frightening and disgusting.

How this "teacher" didn't notice it was happening is the second most terrifying thing. What kind of teachers will our children be around? Sure, it would be overreacting and inappropriate to villainize the entire public school system and all the teachers in it, but I believe implementing higher standards when hiring teachers and giving them tenure would not be an overreaction at all. I want my taxes to be paying good teachers who pay attention to their students.

sofia... sofia0587

I really am considering homeschooling this is all just getting rediculous! Now I have to worry about kids going down on eachother in the 2nd grade? Wtf is wrong w/this world.

Just2... Just2busymom

Lived in England and worked in the community center on base.  Some 11yr old girl who came there after school every day,  was telling me that another girl was doing oral sex on a boy(American school kids) ON THE SCHOOL BUS!  Needless to say they were both banned from riding it for the year.  I was shocked!  The guilty girl had to come there every day and wait for her father to pick her up   Bet he was one proud daddy!

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