Alcoholic Whipped Cream Is the New Four Loko

whipaholNow that Four Loko has been deemed dangerous, a new alcoholic beverage trend is emerging amongst college students, this one being more of a topping than an actual drink. Whipped Lightning, or what the cool kids are calling "Whipahol," is an alcoholic whipped cream. It's being used to top off shots, dessert drinks, or coffee, but of course, kids who have no idea how to handle their booze are getting their hands on it and they're getting drunk off of the stuff. Not to mention, just begging for diabetes.


Advertised as an "alcoholic beverage," it can be up to 36.5 proof, and comes in flavors like amaretto, German chocolate, and strawberry colada, and costs roughly around $10 at liquor stores. Okay, is it just me or does that sound like the tastiest thing ever created? Though I admit, I'm not sure I could even handle myself around that stuff responsibly and I'm 26 (I still like shooting regular whipped cream right out of the can -- lordy, could you imagine an alcoholic kind?).

And just like the Four Loko, it is already receiving banning threats because it is being misused by teens. Which is absolutely ridiculous. Damn teenagers spoiling the fun for everyone. Okay, so I may be saying this mostly out of selfish reasons because Christmas will be a lot easier to handle with this whipped cream on top of the pies. But in all seriousness, the bottom line is personal responsibility. Whether it's beer, liquor, or whipped cream, they're all the same. A college kid is going to have as much responsibility drinking (er, eating?) this whipped cream stuff as he is drinking vodka. Not to mention, it's sold in liquor stores, so it's not any easier, nor difficult for underage kids to buy. Do you really think they're going to look one look at this alcohol-infused topping at a party and suddenly give in to the drinking peer pressure that they have been receiving all semester long? I don't think so.

So what's everyone so uptight about it for? Why the ban threat? It's just yet another alcoholic beverage that kids will likely get their hands on. Whatev. That's life. Just be sure to double-check the whipped cream in the fridge before topping off your sundae. 

Have you ever had alcoholic whipped cream? Think it should be banned?


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