Matty B Ruins Rap for the Grown Ups


Matty BIn case you haven't been on YouTube, um, ever, Matty B is the new hot pint-sized music star with a modicum of musical talent and big ol' dreamboat eyes who is making the tween girls scream.

The little rapper has covered Ke$ha, Willow Smith, and Katy Perry, and he's got a whole slew of his "originals," marked in a separate section of his video site (in case you couldn't figure out a 7-year-old wrote them). 

Oh yeah, that's the part we forgot to mention. Matty B is 7 years old.

With that in mind, allow us to take a moment to say to Matty B what someone should have said to Justin Bieber about nine years ago ... save your voice, kid!

Honey, we're not hatin'. You're not terrible. In case you haven't seen him, take a look:

He's got his hat turned "backwardz" ... because he's 7.

Matty B, you didn't come up with this stuff any more than Willow Smith has manufactured her whole quirky dressing, hair whipping reputation. Which puts the rest of us in a rather sticky position.

We don't want to pick on a 7-year-old. But we feel much like we do about the smarmy third grader who waltzes into school with a big smile and a diorama that's a perfect recreation of the First Thanksgiving, right down to the mini pieces of maize. Sure, the assignment was completed, but who should get the credit?

See the conundrum?

You've put us in an impossible position. If we don't like you, we're a bunch of jerks for being mean to a kid. But if we like you, well, we are really loving on some adult who has manufactured your "stardom."

If you wait a few years -- like 10? -- we could meet you the old-fashioned way: you singing your songs, us determining whether they're any good. We could tell you if you suck, and we wouldn't feel like big buttheads who just took a kid's lunch money.

Right now you're just making us feel like we're the big adults who need to protect you ... and no one wants to feel old and listen to rap at the same time. Next thing you know, we'll be screaming that someone needs to turn down that "c-rap."

Don't make us bust out the "classics" channel to listen to the songs produced when we were 15. There's only so much our egos can take.

Could you use a child star break?


Image via MattyBRaps


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nonmember avatar Taylor

Hey just wanted to say if you didnt know already, MattyB gets help to write the songs by his older cousin Mars Raps who is also teaching MattyB to rap, the kid is Awesome for his age and is just learning and trying to have fun, not get a career at the moment, also Justin Bieber was never for a career either but he clearly had enough talent for it to happen Scooter believed in him and it was ibviously meant to be

tippy... tippymorgan08

Wow, so because these are children they can't think for themselves? I know I'm a little late but I'm really disappointed to see a writeup like this from CM. My kids are really young but I have 7 nieces and nephews and each one of them is unique in their own way. One of my nephews CHOSE to get a mohawk when he was 4, it was what he wanted, and his parents ended up letting him get it. In one of Matty B's songs I remember him saying that he has wanted to rap since he was 5. And as far as Willow Smith, when the family was on Oprah, I recall Jada saying that Willow came to her and told her that she wanted to get her hair done as she has it now, and though she was skeptical, Jada allowed her to have it done. Why? So that her daughter could express the individuality that she wanted to. People do NOT give children the credit that they deserve. Just because they are kids doesn't mean that they don't have the mindset to do what they want. My kids are only 2 and 1 but if they don't want to do something, they aren't going to do it, no matter how hard my husband and I push them. This article is very biased CM, very.

Amm Lovesu Justindrewbieber

Just because hes 7 dosnt mean he cant rap! The boy has dreams! Let him play with it a little bit! Sheeeeesh!

Megan Hunter

I feel that hes only trying to expresss his talent so leave him alone there was no point of putting that up there but hes a FANTASTIC rapper and he should keep moving forward its not like he raps all day and all night hes still a kid and he still does things a 7 year old would do so just let him forfill his dream and get on with your life

Tess Torres

Lol... MattyB is the best 7 year old rapper i honestly think he is better than Justin Bieber... Just tess me when he is going to be discovered and become famouse... and his hot brothers too lol...dont worry i am on his side ... come on get out there in the spotlights cuttie...You can make it u got the movie the voice the words and the looks... come on and impress me more

nonmember avatar jenn

he is a 7 yr old who has talents and is having fun using them AND influencing kids (even me at 20) to believe in their goals and dreams and if youre against this then im scared for your children

nonmember avatar maranda

I don't see anything wrong with the kid throwing some videos up on YouTube to express his dream at the moment. I don't see it being any different than a kid saying he/she wants to be a professional athlete. No one seems to think that's crazy at all! If you don't want to seem like a jerk because you don't like the kid, then just don't watch his videos and dont make comments about him. Simple as that!

nonmember avatar Michaela

Are you kidding me? Seriously, HAS EVERYONE FORGOTTEN THAT YOUTUBE IS A VIDEO STORAGE PLACE WHERE PEOPLE CAN JUST WATCH VIDEOS OR MAKE THEM FOR FUN? Just because you put a few videos up there for fun doesn't mean that they want to get famous. and if he does get Discovered then that means that people watched his videos and liked them. Also, if the kid didn't want to rap then he wouldn't be rapping. he would throw a fit every time they wanted to make a video and his parents would have given up. dang, get a life and stop trying to tell him that he shouldn't practice rapping just because he's a 7 year old. if you don't like him then don't watch his videos and don't talk about him. GET A FREAKING LIFE.

maine... mainemusicmaker

I heard the clip on a morning radio show....didn't care for it, but then, the kid's what do you expect.  He's got a lot of growing and learning to do and, while rap isn't my "thing"...if this kid keeps practicing, bet he just gets the time he's 18, he could be AWESOME.

My kid can't play a guitar yet, but practice will help that.  Would you tell a child who is learning to play piano, or any other instrument, that they suck and should give it up?

tazdvl tazdvl

So, only adults should put videos of them singing/rapping?

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