Bieyanka Moore: Is This Porn Star Just 15 Years Old?


Bieyanka Moore porn star

Bieyanka Moore

Typically, if you Google the name Bieyanka Moore, you'll come across some racy content of the XXX kind (don't try it ... unless you're into that ...). Today, however, an online rumor is going around that adult film star Bieyanka Moore, also known as Charrida Smalley Bieyanka Moore and star of such stellar films as Cum Fiesta (ewww!), is just 15 years old.

Say it isn't so -- although she sure looks like she could be a teenager in her photo.

Bieyanka Moore, if this whole "Internet frenzy of the day" is real, took to her Twitter page a bit ago to shut down the rumor mill, which claims to have seen Bieyanka on a Missing Child poster.


No doubt the adult filmmakers themselves started the false story. After all, they'll do nothing but profit if porn lovers even think the young star is a teenager. Because, you know, people are sick like that. If, indeed, Ms. Moore is under age, somebody (a porn maker) somewhere (in a creepy hotel room) is going to be in big trouble. Not to mention what an extremely sad story that is for this girl if it's true.

A little over a month ago, Bieyanka tweeted:

"Ppl go 4 ur dreams! Dnt stop till u happy with were u at n if u get there still push even further!!!"

*big sigh*

And by the way, why is @BarackObama following her on Twitter? Hmmm. Now that's a President for the People.


Image via Twitter


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Brade... BradenIsMySon

Why the HELL do all these teens type like that? UUUHHHHGGGG!!!!!!! She looks and types and sounds like a 15 y/o. I am willing to bet a thousand dollars that she is.

Mike South

Anyone who thinks that poerners would start that rumor is a complete moron. That costs us a lot of money because the content has to all immediately be removed. Stop sounding like an idiot.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

she looks very young and talks like a teenager.

Kimberly Virga

Um yeah.. she can't even spell the word "since" correctly, so a career in porn is probably her best bet. Disgusting. I don't know who would glorify or condone that.

Angel... Angelgirl25

lol she can't even spell PORNO right.

the least you should be able to do is spell your profession's title correctly.

MomIWant MomIWant

LOL commenting about a porn star not being able to spell porn - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

knfisch knfisch

lol that the president follows her!! Too funny!! 

If you search my name it comes up with a bunch of porn sites lol!! I am NOT in porn btw. I joke to my hubby that it's going to make me getting a job when the kids are older pretty difficult.... 

Sherm... ShermanJinkles

All I can say is... i STILL get told that I look like I'm a 16 year old. I'm sure if she really is 15 then some legal action would have been taken by now.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

Errr...guys... She's a porn star, not a novelist.  Are you really surprised that she can't spell?  Seriously?

Graha... GrahamsMomAngel

So, I was curious and did some research and came across this:

I have to admit, this may be true and is incredibly sad.  Also, on her twitter page she says she was living in Florida last December.  That's enough to make me go hmm with the rest of the information I've found.

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