Mom Needs Appropriate Punishment for Gay Son


gay sonA woman who put out a question on a message board asking for appropriate punishment options for her gay son coming out of the closet just answered her own question.

If he's 14 and stuck with this woman for the next four years, that's punishment enough.

Says the question on Answer:

"He’s 14 and when he told me this I made him leave the house and not come back till he was acting normal. He came back, but was adamant that he was going to stay in this mind set. That obviosly [sic] didn’t work, so I need to find out what will."

Here's hoping it's a prank, but as a recent comment here on The Stir that directed parents to tell their kids that homosexuality is sinful established ... this is pretty de rigueur for some parents.

So if this isn't a real parent posting, it's at least representative of a real -- albeit disturbed -- parent.

More than a quarter of gay teens will be kicked out of their homes for coming out. Another 28 percent are forced to drop out of school because of their sexuality, and the CDC estimates one out of every six gay teens has been beaten badly enough to require medical attention.

Living with parents who take this attitude is hell.

Plain and simple.

Which makes for an interesting conclusion. They think their kids are sinful ... so they cast them into hell. Which makes who Satan in this picture?


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xavie... xavierlogan09

poor kid. i hope his mom gets over herself and realizes he's just being himself. he was brave for coming out to her. 

Peajewel Peajewel

Wow!  I can't imagine ever turning my child away for any reason.  I may not like the options they decide on in life but it is not my life to live, it is only my job to support them and be there for them.  It breaks my heart when a family reacts this way. I mean really beating your child to make them decide they aren't going to be gay?  You are correct when you say who is the evil one in this picture?  Plus who need to seek help?

nonmember avatar Allboys

This made my heart hurt. How despicable. How amazing that her child is such a strong and capable person and able to stand up to his parents intolerance. Kudos to him. As for these "parents" they will have to answer for the pain they have inflicted on their child. He is to busy trying to survive their cruelty now but it wont always be that way. One day they will WANT to be in his life and it will be HIS choice. At that point they will have to face what they have done. I think we should all come up with creative ways they can apologize to their son.

Kimberly Virga

I agree, my kid could come up to me and tell me anything and there is nothing in the world that would change my love or support for them... I don't believe people like this mother actually exist out there. How could you put conditions and terms on love? Seriously? It's horrible.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Thank god my kids don't have to worry about a parent treating them like crap because they happen to love  the same gender.

Erin1108 Erin1108

I agree with the previous posters. I was raised by a woman who used to tell us, you can be bank robbers, and as long as you are the best bank robber you can be, I'll be proud, but if you are the worst, I'll still love you. She wanted us to know that she accepted whatever we did and whoever we became. And she still does. I could never imagine treating my children any differently. I also want to add that as a Christian, raised in a loving Christian home, we believe that we love each person for who they are and as Jesus would love them. That means accepting people for who they are, not turning them away because they aren't who we think they should be. I know that if any of my siblings or I were gay, then my mother would be right there, supporting us. I wish this boy luck and a lifetime of happiness, that he will find, regardless of the place he is forced to be right now.

Bill Jones

Rather pathetic that heterosexuals treat their very own gay offspring in such brutal ways while spouting off at their mouths about morality.


Here's a hint:  If you are a heterosexual and you are participating in this abuse, dehumanization and brutalization of gay children or if you are not a participant, but an observer doing nothing to stop it, you have ZERO words of wisdom to offer about love, morality or honor.


Morality indeed, heterosexuals.  Morality indeed.

nonmember avatar SKL

In defense of the parents (generically speaking), the announcement is quite a shock. For many, it's not the fact of sexual orientation, but the fact that the parents' lovingly-established dreams for the child are shattered. He won't get a girlfriend and get married and have kids, etc. He will have to struggle with discrimination or hide who he is. He has a significant likelihood of dying of AIDS. He could be beaten to a pulp in a dark alley. For a parent who really doesn't know much about the gay community - particularly its positives - that is a lot to get over. If/when a young person decides to "come out" to his parents, he should consider his parents' point of view and try to let them down easy. I know people who get very upset over a birthday surprise - because they don't like surprises - so can we really expect folks to be mellow when something this significant is sprung on them?

carte... carterbiosea

As the mother of a son, the one thing that I want for him more than anything else is to be happy. I don't care who he loves as long as they love him back.   Why do I get to decide who he is? 

Also, SKL, a great many of your statements about the life that someone is gay can expect to lead are a little out of date. In several states you can get married. In all states you can adopt a child.  AIDS in the LGBT community is no greater of a problem than in the community at large.  Even mentioning these stereotypes is to perpetuate them.  I don't think that the parental reactions in the post need any defending.

Phils... PhilsBabyMama

How awful. :( Poor kid.  I can't believe "parents" could act like this.

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