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    If there's one thing that makes me the most nervous about raising a teenager, it's the fact that other kids can be super cruel. I want to weep just thinking about anyone breaking my child's spirit. I know, I know, toughen up, mom.

    I need to take lessons from a 16-year-old boy named Brandon Bowen, who has found fame on Vine for all the right reasons -- and how many times can you say that happens? Brandon, who is from Georgia and describes himself as a "professional fatty," got a pretty funny idea from a member of his church about how he could block out anyone foolish enough to "hate" on him. He calls his Vines "Blockin Out the Haters," and his is a silly, adorable, and inspirational idea that all teens should watch.

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    Have you heard of Sabina Altynbekova? She's a 17-year-old rising volleyball star who's been getting plenty of attention lately. And it's not for her impressive skills on the court or for her style of play. No, it's for her looks, because according to her coach, Sabina is "hampering" her team because she's so beautiful.

    The teen, who's been playing for years in Kazakhstan, is now a complete distraction to the entire sport. And it all came to be after a tournament in Taiwan, where she became a bonafide online sensation. Her Instagram followers skyrocketed, multiple fake Facebook and Twitter accounts were opened in her name, and videos of her on the court were viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

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    Two teenage girls from Florida have been arrested for allegedly torturing and killing a rare tortoise -- while capturing the act on video and posting it to Facebook.

    Jennifer Emoke Green, 18, and her 15-year-old accomplice reportedly filmed themselves setting fire to a gopher tortoise and then crushing it to death. Their disgusting actions and words while committing this terrible act are, thankfully, being taken very seriously.

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    Teens and their cellphones are rarely parted these days. Some kids even sleep with their cellphones, but if your child is one them, take heed! A Texas teen woke up to the smell of something burning in her bed this week.

    Turns out the 13-year-old is one of those kids whose cellphone ends up under her pillow at night -- and the gadget caught on fire. She woke to a phone that had completely melted, glass, plastic, and all. Scary? There's more!

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    A teen from Indiana and his dad wanted nothing more than to set a record for an around-the-world flight. But the expedition ended in complete tragedy on Tuesday night. The aircraft flown by 17-year-old Haris Suleman went down shortly after leaving Pago Pago in American Samoa, and the teen pilot died in the plane crash, family spokeswoman Annie Hayat reported to the press yesterday. Haris' body has been recovered, but crews are currently still looking for his father, Babar Suleman, whose fate has yet to be determined. Absolutely devastating.

    The father and son team had set out on June 19 in hopes of making the trip in 30 days to set the record for the fastest circumnavigation around the world in a single-engine airplane with the youngest pilot in command to do so. They also had a charitable goal in mind with the excursion, raising money for the Citizens Foundation, a nonprofit that builds schools in Pakistan.

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    Introduce me to a person who can say she hasn't done one foolish thing as a teen and I'll ask her to confirm that she isn't actually an alien. Teenagers are supposed to do dumb things. Things that make us scratch our heads and remember that, oh yeah, they're really just super-tall children.

    Breanna Mitchell is no exception. The teen girl got slammed when she posted a selfie on Twitter. She is shown grinning from ear to ear while posing in front of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, where at least 1.1 million people were sent to die during World War II. It's the very definition of a dumb kid move, and it's insensitive and embarrassing. But Breanna does not deserve all the grief she is getting.

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    President Obama has confirmed that "at least" one American was among the 298 killed on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down by a missile in the Ukraine on Thursday. And the fact that the victim was just 19 years old makes this horrific incident really hit home.

    Quinn Lucas Schansman has been described by his friends and family as "caring" and "sensitive," as well as the type of friend who was always willing to stick up for someone in need. His grieving family is struggling for answers as to why this happened -- and demanding justice for Quinn and the other victims.

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    Listen up, parents! If you've ever wanted to know whether or not your teen is smuggling some illegal substances in the house or want to track down your child's stash, here's your chance. You can now hire a drug sniffing dog to visit your home and uncover any narcotics that might be hidden.

    Ron Robichaud, a former dog trainer and the founder of Discreet Intervention, is making headlines this week for his offer to come to your home with his trusted dog, Ben, to locate drugs your child may be hiding. Just prepare yourself for what Ben might find.

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    The summer is flying by and college is right around the corner. Didn't expect it to sneak up on you quite so fast, did you, Mom? Well, you can sit around sobbing and eating pints of ice cream or you can get busy ... dorm DIY is all the rage, and, well, it may be your last chance to get out your glue gun and do something with your kid for a good long while.

    Remember when you used to sit down at the dining room table with crayons and butcher paper and waste away an entire afternoon? Ah, so long ago. Now your kids are all about their cellphones and trying to convince their university of choice that Keurigs are so much safer than hot plates.

    But if your teen is obsessed with having the coolest dorm on campus, you're in luck -- because we've rounded up 10 of the blogosphere's coolest crafts for college dorm rooms.

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    Any mom who ever pleaded with her son to pull up his pants and quit flashing everyone his underwear may start wishing she could pack up her family and move to Ocala, Florida! The city council there voted unanimously earlier this week to approve an ordinance that will ban sagging pants. No really! It will officially prohibit anyone on city-owned or leased property (i.e., sidewalks, streets, parks, rec and public transportation facilities, etc.) from wearing pants two inches below their natural waist.

    The ordinance will apply to both genders and all races, according to Councilwoman Mary Rich, who has been pushing for this since 2009. And get this -- it's punishable by jail time and a $500 fine. Yeesh.

    As harsh as that sounds, this will surely come as a relief to moms with boys whose underwear has been perpetually hanging out!

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