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    Have you heard of the musical duo who go by the name 2CELLOS? Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser are Croatian cellists who shot into Internet viral stardom back in 2011, when they uploaded a YouTube video of their cello-only cover of Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal." They've gone on to perform a fantastic variety of cover songs by U2, Guns N' Roses, Nine Inch Nails, Sting, Coldplay, Nirvana, Muse, Kings of Leon, and more.

    2CELLOS is back in the news this week thanks to their just-released, brain-melting cover of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck." Even if you're not much of an AC/DC fan, I can almost guarantee this amazing video will send your jaw crashing to the floor.

    (Also, not to be a dirty old lady or anything, but … it doesn't exactly hurt the enjoyment factor that Luka and Stjepan are seriously easy on the eyes.)

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    Benedict Cumberbatch and Sesame Street: two great tastes that taste great together? Come on, like you even have to ask. Whoever's running the guest-star side of things at Sesame Workshop should get a biscuit for bringing everyone's favorite awkwardly-named British hottie on the show, because the results are predictably awesome.

    In the clip, Sherlock -- excuse me, Cumberbatch -- must face a tricky challenge presented by Murray-arity the Muppet. Does the table have more apples on it or more oranges? I'm not going to spoil the answer for you, but I will tell you that the clip includes a very, very sneaky Sherlock spoiler. If you've seen season 3 cliffhanger finale, you'll definitely recognize a certain scene in the Sesame Street version.

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    Let's say, just theoretically, Fast and Furious uber-action-stud Vin Diesel were to release a video of himself dancing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and Beyonce's "Drunk in Love." I don't mean some little 6-second Vine clip, either. I mean a 7-minute, 29-second long video. Would you guess that he'd only do this if he had some seriously impressive dance skills?

    Because if so, you'd be wrong. OH SO WRONG. Vin Diesel's surprisingly lengthy, hilariously terrible dance video selfie is ... I don't even know. It's like watching an Emperor penguin tearing it up on the dance floor. It's even worse than my husband, whose default moves include a mimed ass slap. It's so bad I officially love Vin Diesel for sharing it, because only someone with a fantastic sense of humor would do so.

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    You probably think there's no possible way you could sit through yet another version of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" video, right? I mean, Christ, it's been done to death. Some of remakes have been ingenious (Steve Kardynal's Chatroulette performance), some have just been kind of baffling (a Minecraft version? Really?), and some are downright awkward (oh, honey ... no). It seems like the last thing the world needed was one more take on Miley's unlikely iconic hit ... and yet just like Jello, there's always room for Ron Jeremy.

    As in Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy, famed porn star who has appeared in more than 2,000 adult films. He re-did "Wrecking Ball" shot-for-shot down to the teary closeups, mallet-licks, and pantsless ball-riding -- and seeing all of this in high-definition is pretty much exactly as delightfully horrific as you'd think it would be. Plus, he actually sings the ENTIRE THING.

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    It's one of those crimes that just leaves you shaking your head in despair. Sanaz Nezami was beaten to death by her husband. Smart and vibrant, she had just arrived to Michigan to pursue an advanced degree in engineering when his savagery left her brain dead. Far away from her family in Iran, they couldn't be there physically in her last moments, but the nurses at the hospital helped them say their final goodbyes over the Internet.

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    I have never used Chatroulette -- because the idea of randomly connecting with perfect strangers in order to engage in the highly unpleasant activity of video chatting pretty much sounds like my worst nightmare except presumably it doesn't involve spiders -- but I absolutely love the Chatroulette pranks floating around the web. Particularly when they result in a glorious collection of magic and wonder and holiday cheer, like this amazing performance titled "All I Want for Christmas Is You (Chatroulette Version)."

    It's Mariah Carey's warbling voice, but she's not exactly the one on camera. The song is passionately lampooned by Internet comedian Steve Kardynal, who takes great pleasure from surprising the hell out of his unwitting collaborators. Seeing Kardynal gyrating around in Santa-themed drag is pretty funny, but it's the reactions from Chatroulette users that make this video pure gold.

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    You've seen Jean Claude Van Damme's Volvo stunt that rightfully went viral, thanks to its extreme awesomeness, right? And then there was the Channing Tatum spoof, which was slightly less majestic but still deeply entertaining? Well, there's a new 'epic split' video that's sweeping the Internet, and it may actually trump the original clip. What could possibly be more badass than Van Damme's supernatural groin maneuver, you ask? Two words: CHUCK NORRIS.

    To be specific: Chuck Norris, Shakespeare, 11 paratroopers, two massive cargo planes, a memorable Christmas greeting, and the most impressive CGI work I've seen since freaking Avatar. This video is insane, ridiculously over the top, more than a little strange, and completely delightful in every way.

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    There's no two ways around it, sending out holiday cards can be expensive. The problem? Everyone does it. Your friends, your family, your boss, and your boss' boss. Even though you may hate to admit it, you love getting them, and even though selecting the right holiday photo isn't exactly easy, you kind of love making them. Which is why it's clear what every mom is looking for this time of year: a way to get 'em on the cheap.

    Well fear not, my savvy holiday card-making friends, because there are a whole slew of websites out there where you can easily design your own holiday card without shelling out big bucks.

    Check out our 3 favorite websites to make your own holiday cards. Oh and the best part? No need to wait for shipping ... and it's free.

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    I'm generally not a fan of pranks. No thanks. Not cool. But if a prank involves an evil looking snowman hanging out on a busy sidewalk just looking to do a little boo-scaring to those passing by, I'm down. Sort of harmless. It's scary and funny.

    It's actually season 4 of the "Freaky the Scary Snowman Prank" and for this year's first installment, the ice man went to Boston. The reactions? Wicked good.

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  • Rant

    Google Is Ruining My Potential Dating Life

    posted by Jenny Erikson November 22, 2013 at 8:12 AM in Technology
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    When I got married in 2002, no one had ever even heard of MySpace, let alone Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also no one was really blogging, meeting people on the Internet seemed creepy, and text hadn’t become a verb yet.

    In other words, things have changed since I’ve been on the dating scene.

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