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    Sometimes the Internet knows exactly what you need without you even realizing it. How about the DuckTales intro made with real ducks? You had no idea it was missing from your life, but now that you've seen it, you suddenly feel whole again.

    Anyone who grew up in the '80s with the Disney Channel could sing, "Duck tales, wooo oooo," and then proceed to get that damn theme song stuck in their head for the rest of the day.

    The show first premiered on September 18, 1987 and ended on November 28, 1990. Featuring Scrooge McDuck and his three grandnephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, that iconic shot of Scrooge diving into a pile of gold is seared into the minds of many kids from the '80s. But enough boring background. Time to get to the good stuff.

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    I love dogs, but I really really REALLY hate spiders. I enjoy great practical jokes that scare the daylights out of the victims, but I don't like the idea of a setup that can possibly backfire and result in an animal being injured. I like legitimate pranks as opposed to videos in which all the participants are in on the joke. Which is all to say I feel a little conflicted about the giant mutant spider dog prank that's going viral right now.

    But you know what, I'm choosing to embrace this video. I'm choosing to believe the people involved were really as frightened as they seem to be, and that the dog was never in danger of being stomped flat by an aggressive arachnophobe. Most of all, I'm choosing to love the Giant Mutant Spider Dog for what she is: absolutely terrifying yet hilariously adorable.

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    Do you like Breaking Bad? How about Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Or the History channel reality show Pawn Stars? You probably haven't spent much time imagining what all three of these things combined into a bizarre video parody would be like, but as you're about to see, the results are completely awesome.

    The Television Academy has released a Pawn Stars spoof titled titled Barely Legal Pawn, starring Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The setup is that Louis-Dreyfus is looking to sell her Emmy, and Cranston and Paul play a couple of seedy pawn shop owners. They stay in (hilarious) character throughout, but there are in-jokes flying back and forth with regards to their real-life careers. The whole thing's pretty great, but if you're a Breaking Bad fan, I promise: you absolutely HAVE to see the ending.

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    Surprising little girls with puppies for their birthdays and having it captured on video is a thing. It's a thing on YouTube, at least, but it's such a good thing, I think it should be a 24-hour network. Rupert Murdoch wants to buy Time Warner, but his initial $80 billion offer was rebuffed. Reportedly, Murdoch is still gunning for Time Warner because he wants influence in China.

    But heck, the puppy surprise video genre -- this stuff is universal! I dare any nation not to cry when they see little girls given puppies when they don't expect it. Have you seen these? Try not to melt from the cuteness.

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    Have you heard of The Bottle Boys? They are an absurdly talented group of five guys from Denmark who perform various songs by blowing into empty bottles. As their YouTube channel description says, "Everything can be played on bottles, just watch!" The Bottle Boys have taken on a number of popular songs in the past, but there's something particularly mesmerizing about their latest twist on Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

    Maybe it's because once you see the clip, you'll agree that "Billie Jean" was clearly made to be performed via beer bottle. Maybe it's because these guys seem to be having so much fun while they're doing it. Maybe it's because The Bottle Boys aren't exactly, ah, hard on the eyes. Whatever the reason, this video is the perfect Monday pick-me-up.

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    I've been on a handful of flights where the crew puts a little extra effort into the safety presentation. They want you to pay attention, after all, and people are more likely to watch when the flight attendant isn't visibly bored out of their minds while they're going through the motions of demonstrating how the seatbelt works. Still, I've never seen ANYTHING like Southwest Airlines employee Martha "Marty" Cobb, whose viral YouTube video makes me want to book a flight just to see her perform in person.

    If it seems hard to believe that a three-minute pre-takeoff safety speech could turn emergency exits and oxygen masks into topics of pants-wetting hilarity, well, you need to take a look at Marty in action.

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    The following websites were affected by Heartbleed and say they have been patched: Google services, including Gmail and YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Netflix, Yahoo and Dropbox. Security experts still recommend changing your passwords ONLY for sites that have been declared safe (like those listed). You do NOT need to change your Google passwords. Contact any website directly if you think you are not getting enough information from them. Twitter, Paypal, Microsoft accounts, and were NOT affected.

    There's a new way to get your heart broken online, and it has nothing to do with Internet dating. Nope, it's a boring ol' security breech. But here's the thing: It's huge and threatens things like our banking passwords. As much as 66 percent of the web could be affected by "Heartbleed," the security bug that's gone, well, viral in a very un-funny way. Here's everything you need to know about this bug and how to protect yourself.

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    I've been writing online for a long time, and I thought I'd address a few questions I've had over the years about how the sausage gets made. Excuse me if this is a little insidery, but I wanted to talk a little about how and why we're now inundated with "You Won't Believe How This Smiling Baby Will Change Your Life!" and "35 Funniest Sidewalk Signs of All Time" posts on Facebook and Twitter.

    There are a few types of web content, the most prevalent of them being "online journalism." I wrote a book about it, and it's what I've been doing for most of my professional career. And I'm part of the problem. Let me explain.

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    A Netflix user has discovered a new scheme by scammers to get you to hand over your sensitive information so they can steal your identity. This one goes beyond ye olde Nigerian prince email scam and uses our trust of customer service reps against us.

    This phishing scheme directs Netflix users to a fake login screen, and when users enter their name and password, a screen pops up saying there is a problem with their account, and they need to call someone to get it cleared up.

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    Did you happen to see last year's Pepsi ad featuring Jeff Gordon scaring the pants off a used car salesman by taking a Camaro on an utterly crazy test drive? At the time, Travis Okulski from Jalopnik wrote a post denouncing the video as a fun watch that was also 100 percent fake. Okulksi debunked the video in a number of ways, ultimately concluding that Jeff Gordon wasn't even driving the car, and that everyone in the video was an actor.

    Fast forward nearly a year to earlier this month when Okulski was picked up at a North Carolina hotel by a tattooed cabbie who confesses that he just spent 10 years in jail. The two of them are driving along when a cop pulls the cab over -- at which point, as Okulski puts it, "This is how NASCAR champ Jeff Gordon gets revenge."

    The resulting video of this most epic of pranks is not only completely real, it's completely hilarious.

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