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    Think of the worst conversation you've ever had via text. Maybe it was right in the middle of a breakup, when you were at your lowest point, emotionally. Well, one unfortunate girl's breakup text message conversation just got broadcast to the world via Twitter. The part where she asks him if he still loves her. The part where she asks him to take her back. The part where he tells her in no uncertain terms that he will never, ever be her friend. And then sends a mocking gif. It's all there. And it kind of makes me fear for the future of romance.

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    Autocorrect, she is a cruel mistress. No one can admit to not having sent a mortifying text message or two in error. And it's funny enough when you come across the average autocorrect fail. Who doesn't love a misused word transforming the ordinary into the hilarious and embarrassing? However, mom goofs are better than all other goofs. Yes, even the best, most Super-Moms on the planet have fallen victim to the wiles of autocorrect.

    We've collected some of our favorite mom texting fails here. No cellphone is safe from mama's autocorrects, and we've got all the proof of that you need here. Curse you, screenshots! And also -- thank you screenshots!

    Have you ever accidentally sent a totally mortifying text?

    Image via Parents Shouldn't Text

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    You know what would save lives? If everyone on the road would stop using their glardblamn cellphones while driving. We've all seen how dangerous texting -- hell, even just talking -- on your phone is when you're behind the wheel. People are dying. And only one brave man has been willing to break the law to stop the madness. A cellphone service provider caught a driver using a jammer to keep other drivers from using their cellphones. Apparently he'd been doing this on his morning commute for two years before he was caught. Jason R. Humphreys faces fines of up to $48,000 because guess what? Jamming other people's cellphone use is illegal.

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    Holidays are great and all, but isn't there something special about your birthday? I mean, it's a whole day set aside just to celebrate the fact that you were born onto this beautiful planet! Who doesn't love that? Plus, there are usually presents.

    But the best gift is the gift of laughter, so with that mindset, let me present to you some of the funniest autocorrect texts sent about birthdays that I could find on the Internet.


    Image via

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    Brian Singer is on a mission to make our roads safer. The San Francisco graphic designer who started the website TWIT Spotting (Texting While in Traffic) to post pictures of people texting while driving has taken it to the next level.

    Singer has purchased 11 billboards around the City by the Bay that are just blown up images of the photos he's posted to his site. So you might want to put those cellphones down if you're driving in the San Francisco area, lest you become the subject of public ridicule by having your bad texting behavior documented on a giant billboard for all to see.

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    So you just went through a bad breakup. Maybe even a divorce. It doesn't matter how it ended -- you're hurting. It never feels good when things don't work out with someone you once loved or are even still in love with.

    But you know what they say about laughter, right? It's the best medicine. So wipe your tears, put on your big girl pants and some lipstick, and come have a giggle with these autocorrect fails about breakups.

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    Remember the good old days when someone broke up with you and you at least got a last dinner out of it, or some teary scene in a coffee shop that you could then write about in your diary? Well, those days are gone, my friends. These days, it's all about breaking up digitally -- i.e., by email, text message, or social media. In fact, according to coupon company Voucher Cloud, which surveyed couples who had been dumped or done the dumping in the past year, 56 percent of people end their relationship digitally. The most popular option is by text message (25 percent) and over social media (20 percent). Only 11 percent opt for the slightly less heartless email approach.

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    So something called WhatsApp has been blowing up in my tweet stream. What the heck is everyone talking about? It’s all over my news feeds too. It seems that Facebook acquired WhatsApp on Wednesday, for something like eleventy bajillion dollars, because hey, it’s Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, and he likes to spend money.

    Actually, Facebook paid 19 billion for WhatsApp (yes that’s billion with a B), which is quite a bit for an app that most of us haven’t even heard of before. I remember when Facebook bought Instagram for a measly one billion dollars, and I’d been Instagramming with my friends for a while before that.

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    I love texting. I text way more often than I talk on the phone. In fact, my outgoing voicemail message currently says something along the lines of, “I’m probably never going to listen to this, so please hang up and text the number you just dialed.” For reals, yo.

    That being said -- there are just some things that shouldn’t be conveyed over text message. Especially some mom moments. Whether it’s because the news is too big to be conveyed over text, or just plain gross, there are some things about motherhood that should be told in person or at least over the phone. Or not at all.

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    Grandma is sweet and dear, isn't she? And if there are two things that don't immediately come to mind when thinking of your grandmother, they're probably sex and technology.

    Which is why it's so darn funny when Grandma's texts get autocorrected to something hilarious, or even when you end up texting someone about Grandpa's balls. When choosing to be horrified or to just laugh -- always choose to laugh.

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