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    Have you heard? Facebook users who don't identify as being "male" or "female" now have many, many other options to choose from. The change, which was spearheaded by a FB engineer who is undergoing gender transformation from male to female, is actually pretty cool if you think about it. For anyone struggling to identify with a particular gender, there are options out there. You can even select gender-neutral pronouns and wish "them" a happy birthday instead of wishing "her" a happy birthday.

    But why stop there? There are numerous ways Facebook probably hasn't even considered that would prevent users from feeling "stuck" with a label in which they don't identify.

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    Do you use The Twitter? Do you complain bitterly on the interwebs every time Facebook changes something minor? (It’s major! It’s always major!) Is your cellphone superglued to your hand?

    You may be a social media junkie. There is currently no cure for this, short of an electromagnetic pulse that would basically just wipe out all electronics, and if that happens, you’ll probably have bigger things to worry about than tweeting -- like your bank balance.

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    I have a few really good friends whom I love to death. They have amazing significant others whom I also really like and enjoy chatting with -- when we're all together having dinner or drinks. But when it comes to sharing social media experiences with my friends, I won't do it if they've decided to merge their accounts with those of their husbands or boyfriends. It's nothing personal -- like I said, I don't have anything against their partners -- but chatting with RebeccaPaulForever on Facebook defeats the entire purpose of staying in touch with a person via social media outlets. And the truth is: lots of people think it's just plain weird.

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    Get ready to be either morbidly curious or seriously creeped out. Maybe a little of both. There’s a new startup out of MIT that will allow to you digitally recreate a loved one after they die so that you can still “communicate” with them from beyond the grave.

    No, they’re not going to download your brain into a robot. The service, called, has “designed a way to digitally reconstruct a person’s personality after they die” from their online communication.

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    Anaïs and Samantha were two 27-year-old women living very different lives. One was a French fashion design student residing in London; the other a tech-savvy California girl. Thanks to Samantha's love of YouTube, Anaïs' friends were able to make a discovery last year that changed both girls' lives forever. While viewing one of Samantha's many online videos, they thought it was pretty uncanny that the girl looked just like their good friend. A bit of research and stalking followed, but it didn't take long before Anaïs made the most amazing realization of her life: she and Samantha were identical twin sisters separated at birth and reunited by technology

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    Happy birthday, Facebook! Can you guys believe it's been 10 years since we were introduced to the website that has managed to suck so much of our free (and not-so-free) time and is surely the number 1 reason why we haven't been promoted at our jobs more often? Oh, I kid. Facebook isn't to blame for our procrastinating ways any more than the mere existence of chocolate is to blame for those extra five pounds we can't lose. And you've got to admit the site lasted way longer than most of assumed it would. Over the past decade, it has evolved from a cool and hip website used mostly by college kids to a social networking service that even your grandma checks on a daily basis. Let's celebrate the site that -- for better or worse -- made Mark Zuckerberg a household name by reflecting on 5 ways Facebook has made our lives better and 5 ways it has completely destroyed humanity as we know it. 

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    Dorothy Holm spent the last few days of her life scribbling what were thought to be random letters on several index cards. The beloved mom and grandmother, who could no longer speak because of a brain tumor, filled up several cards from top to bottom, but the letters didn't make sense to her family members. Still, her grandchildren -- who were preteens at the time of her death -- kept the index cards and continued to wonder what their grandmother was trying to convey. 

    If not for the kindness and knowledge of several strangers who were able to crack the code on, their mystery may have remained unsolved. 

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    Remember President Obama's Selfie-Gate? I know -- you were trying to forget. Well, it got us wondering. Surely he's not the only world leader to take a selfie. Aren't there others snapping awkward photos of themselves? For the people? Welp, sure enough, there are! And you wouldn't believe who we found...




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    If you live in a big city, chances are you have, at one point or another in your life, witnessed a weird pervert expose himself on a train or in some other public place. Maybe you've had to deal with some bizarre sexual question or statement that you've either ignored or dealt with head on -- by calling the guy a "jerk" or giving him the middle finger, perhaps? 

    Having to cope with any unwanted sexual act is gross, but I'm willing to bet big money you've never experienced ANYTHING like the "Swiss Cheese Pervert." A man between the ages of 40 and 50 is driving around different communities in Mayfair, Pennsylvania, exposing his genitals and offering women money to watch him put swiss cheese on his private parts. Guess you could say that's certainly more interesting than a straight-up sex request. I guess?!

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    I've spent many of my kids' growing-up years working online, with the last few positively engrossed in social media, even more than the typical parent.

    And while I've posted a few potentially mortifying photos of my children in the past, for the most part, I'm extremely careful about what pictures of my kids I put online -- whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another site.

    If only other parents would do the same. Here's why it bothers me so much.

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