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    Every day around lunchtime, I am slapped in the face with a huge pang of food envy. While my family does get delicious dinners, my midday meals pretty much suck. I’m a decent cook, and my daughter even claims that I’m the best chef in the whole wide world, but during my busy workday, lunch becomes a necessity rather than a meal to savor. This is when the food jealousy creeps in.

    While scanning through my friends' Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, I am left salivating after seeing photos of the amazing, beautiful food they eat for lunch. I should add that I have many a food blogger in my inner circle, so they're pros at making incredible meals and sharing the results online. So there I am. Staring at my own, lame lunch --which 9 times out of 10 is quinoa, hummus, lettuce, and egg. Yes, it may be healthy, but it ain’t pretty. And it's almost always the same.

    Thank heaven for the hysterically funny new "Sad Food" trend!

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    Do you use The Twitter? Do you complain bitterly on the interwebs every time Facebook changes something minor? (It’s major! It’s always major!) Is your cellphone superglued to your hand?

    You may be a social media junkie. There is currently no cure for this, short of an electromagnetic pulse that would basically just wipe out all electronics, and if that happens, you’ll probably have bigger things to worry about than tweeting -- like your bank balance.

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    Did you read that Blake Lively interview in The Cut? If so, you may have forgotten it already. Or maybe you fell asleep before you got to the most interesting part of the whole piece: Blake Lively admitted she re-pins photos of Ryan Reynolds to her Pinterest board. Ryan Reynolds as in her husband. This means 1) Blake Lively has time for Pinterest and 2) she pins photos of her husband. You know, the man she lives with? I mean, whether or not you think Ryan is hot enough to pin, I find the idea of pinning photos of your husband to Pinterest a little off-balance. Anyone with me here? Imagine what Ryan is going to think when he happens to see this board.

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    Think about your Instagram account. If you had to summarize the four types of photos there, what categories do you think they'd fall in? For me, it's hands down scenery shots (think sunsets, architecture), happy friends, adorable fashion finds, and the most dominant category of all: Food. I can't even TELL you how many tasty, delectable dishes I see scroll throughout my feed every day. And according to a new study, these food photos could actually make users eat less.

    I'm serious! A new study from Brigham Young University found that looking at photos of certain foods on apps like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram can actually curb your appetite for that same food. As in, staring at a perfect chocolate cake during the mid-afternoon lull at your office may make that chocolate decadence at dinner seem MUCH less appealing.

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    As summer slowly comes to an end, it's time to start thinking about one of my favorite fall treats -- caramel apples! Since caramel apples tend to be a bit messy and sometimes hard to eat, especially for kids, I thought I'd try my hand at the no-mess caramel apple slices recipe I've seen everywhere on Pinterest.

    The idea is simple! Cut your apples in half, core out the middle, add lemon juice to prevent browning, and pour in your caramel. But does it work? Is it really mess-free?

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    The 6 Types of Moms on Pinterest

    posted by Nicole Fabian-Weber August 7, 2013 at 11:46 AM in Technology
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    Who doesn't love Pinterest? Not this girl. I could spend hours on end pinning, arranging, and generally getting lost in the DIY black hole that is Pinterest. I love it. And since I've become a mom, I love it even more. It gives me great ideas for meals, adorable kids' clothes, and of course, home decor inspiration.

    And I guess I fall into a category of a certain kind of person -- mom, in particular -- who uses Pinterest. I guess if I had to label myself, I'd be the "Wanna-Be Mom". As in my Pinterest profile contains a lot of stylish things I want, but don't necessarily have or will ever have. A beautifully landscaped backyard; fresh, green smoothies every day; and stunning kids' clothes that cost more than kids' clothes should ever cost.

    But that's not the only kind of Pinterest mom. Here are 5 other types of moms on Pinterest. Which one are you, friend?

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    While hunting for fun and inexpensive crafts on Pinterest, I noticed a ton of people pinning do-it-yourself sidewalk paint. Is that even possible? Sidewalk paint is something I've never heard of before, but painting the sidewalks would be right up my kids' alley so I decided to give it a try.

    The recipe for sidewalk paint could not be easier:

    1 part cornstarch 1 part water Drops of food coloring or washable paint.

    That's it!

    But is it too good to be true?

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    Pinterest is awesome, isn't it? You could just while away god knows how many hours on that thing. Pinning, perusing, following random people who can do amazing things with mason jars. But here's the other thing about Pinterest: It makes you feel like a crap mom. Sure, you're taking the time to cull through endless photos of kid crafts and file them under "Rainy Day Activities", but let's get real here: Do you really do them? And did you whip up that "Easy Rotisserie Chicken" recipe either? And have you DIYed any chevron throw pillows lately? I think not. But you're still a good person.

    Here are 5 reasons Pinterest makes you feel like a crappy mom.

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    Every year for the Fourth of July, my family gathers for a day of barbecuing, music, and sparklers. I always like to contribute a new dish to the potluck and this year is no exception. I scoured Pinterest for a patriotic dessert and decided to attempt a July 4th trifle!

    A trifle is nothing more than a sponge cake topped with layers of fruit and cream. Sounds foolproof, but I have a tendency to mess up even the simplest of recipes. I bought the sponge cake at the store, but let's see how all the layering goes ...

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    Ladies, there's a new Pinterest in town. And it's not for you! The site's called Manteresting, and yeah, it's pretty much the same thing as Pinterest -- only it's for dudes.

    Aside from the fact that Manteresting is a hilarious name/concept, at first, I was like, "Why's there another Pinterest for bros only?" But then I logged onto Pinterest and went, "Oh yeah ..."

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