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    Darn it, Taylor Swift. Every time you want to hate her or at least dislike her enough to mock her for taking lots of vacation selfies or dating millions of boys, or just seeming self-obsessed, the singer goes and does something that makes you think: Awww, she really is a nice person, isn't she?

    Taylor could have done anything she wanted this weekend. She could have flown to Fiji on a whim and spent a million dollars on massages or bounced from one hip club to another and danced her butt off for hours in the VIP room. But no. Instead, she made a long-time fan's ultimate wedding wish come true when she flew to Ohio to attend her bridal shower.

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    By now we should all know not to trust Simon Cowell's instincts about the unusual guests who attempt to wow him and the other judges on Britain's Got Talent. One incredible 79-year-old contestant named Paddy was no exception when she and her much younger dance partner Nico -- with whom, she assures the judges, she has a strictly professional relationship -- announced their plans to perform a hot salsa routine.

    What started off as a slow snoozefest quickly heated up and left the judges -- yes, Simon included -- stunned and clamoring for more. Seriously, this woman is amaaazing and you have to see this video to believe it.

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    Last night, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame hosted the 29th annual Induction Ceremony at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Performers included Hall and Oats, KISS, Cat Stevens, and Nirvana. Fans had been wondering who was going to front what I believe to be one of the greatest bands ever -- no one could do what Kurt Cobain did. It had to be different enough but honor him in the right way. And then we learned it was going to be Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, Lorde, and St. Vincent singing different songs during the performance. Fans were nervous. It had to be great. It was going to be emotional. This was quite an eclectic mix fronting one of the best bands ever. Would it work? It did.

    But Nirvana didn't stop there. After the Barclays show ended, they headed over to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to play a secret after-show at one of the neighborhood's most beloved but gritty venues -- the tiny Saint Vitus bar on Manhattan Avenue. Incredible.

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    Did you watch the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday? Apparently everyone was talking about country trio Rascal Flatts afterward, thanks to their pitch-perfect performance of "Rewind." As in, a little too pitch-perfect: by and large, viewers suspected that the group was lip syncing the song.

    I've seen the video, and I'm not sure how there was ever any question about it -- it's quite obvious Rascal Flatts was going through the motions while the album track played. Last night, the band confirmed what most people already knew, and while their lip sync confession doesn't seem particularly controversial to me, it for SURE makes Blake Shelton look like an asshole.

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    I love Pharrell Williams. He's like gold. A rainbow. A magical being. Anything he is involved with lately becomes the coolest thing of the moment. And he's having many incredible moments. I love his songs and his style (except for that hat) and his smooth voice. I love his adorable dancing. And I love the song Happy. It makes me happy!

    But seeing Pharrell perform Happy on Saturday Night Live was a complete let-down.

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    Do you want to build a snowman? No! I want to hear Kristen Bell sing. Seriously, the girl has chops I didn't know existed until I saw Frozen. When I heard that my favorite sloth-loving actress was playing opposite one of my favorite Broadway stars Idina Menzel, I was a teensy bit nervous to see if she'd be able to hold her own.

    Kristen did not disappoint. I know Idina has gotten most of the musical attention from the Oscar-winning "Let It Go," but Kristen's solo song, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" is spectacular in its own right. And if it didn't make you tear up when you saw it the first (or fourth) time, then we have nothing in common and I won't share my wine or tissues with you.

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    Country superstar Luke Bryan crashed Ellen DeGeneres' party (see what I did there?) on Thursday when he stopped by her show for an episode airing April 3. The "Country Girl" singer chatted about his annual spring break concerts last month in Panama City Beach, and how it's the only time he actually drinks beer on stage.

    Ellen wanted to know just how much he actually drinks wasted he gets while performing, so she started asking, "How much do you drink before you get on stage?" Before she could even finish asking, Bryan answered with a resounding, "A lot."
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    When tasked with delivering a wedding speech, there's a ton of pressure to make it memorable. Some of us do that by going for the emotional, tearjerking effect, while others lean on the laughs. Leave it to Bradley Bredeweg, co-creator and executive producer of The Fosters on ABC Family, to go for pure, unadulterated entertainment ... and preaching the truth to his BFF Stephanie Huntington on her wedding day!

    Bredeweg's "speech" has gone viral, because it's one of the hottest choreographed wedding performances of all time -- set to none other than Britney Spears' "Work Bitch." HA! Yep! Even Brit herself loved and tweeted the clip.

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    I don't really understand musicals. I mean, it's not that I don't understand how they work -- you combine songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance, mix thoroughly, and toss up on stage with varying results -- it's that I don't understand how certain subjects get picked for musical theater. Carrie, for instance. High Fidelity, based on the the 1995 Nick Hornby novel. Heathers. Rocky: Das Musical. That expensive Spider-Man mess. And the upcoming Broadway adaptation of Kurt Cobain's life -- assuming Courtney Love gets her way. Despite Love's passionate statement in 2012 that she would never let a Cobain-based musical happen because she was opposed to any commercial exploitation of his legacy, she seems to have changed her mind. Now she says it's "very likely" that Kurt: The Musical will make it to the stage after all.

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    Now that we know a few juicy details from the first footage of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie that was shown at CinemaCon by Universal Pictures -- we're dying to catch a glimpse of it ourselves, because of course we are.

    I mean, isn't it kind of a huge tease to know that there are a few lucky people out there who got to see a preview of Christian and Ana before the rest of us? (Gah. It pays to be important sometimes.) But even though there's no official trailer as of yet, we just might have a small sneak peek ... or I guess I should say sneak listen of what songs might be included on the soundtrack.

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