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    The first official iPhone 6 sale in Australia went down in spectacular fashion. Literally!

    A news anchor hanging out with the droves of folks who had slept overnight in line at an Apple store in Perth interviewed the first kid who walked out of the store with his spankin' new, hotly anticipated iPhone 6 (not the Plus, for the record!). He must've been a bit nervous opening the box and revealing the prized possession on camera, with all eyes on him, because all the wiggling of the box caused it to fly out and fall to the ground! No joke!

    You just have to see this.

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    Teens kids, adults -- and, cough, cough even President Obama -- take selfies everywhere -- from funerals to math class. But some colleges are getting tougher on the practice of posing for your own pics and then posting them to accounts like Instagram by actually banning selfies from graduation. It's an amazing interesting idea, but one you have to question, given everyone's obsession with photos of themselves. Are you asking for too much when you ask young people to keep their phones home on one of the most important days of their lives?

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    At any given moment, at any given place, when you look around, people are staring down at their phones. It's as if their glowing screens hold the key to life. And sadly, many of these entranced people are parents -- with kids who are right nearby. It's no secret that the widespread use of smartphones and technology is, for lack of a better phrase, turning us into much crappier, awkward people. But think about the poor kids! How do you think our obsession with tiny devices is affecting them? (Hint: Not good.)

    A new study has found that when parents who are out to eat with their children spend the majority of the meal looking at their phone, bad things happen. As in their kids start acting out (more than kids normally do at restaurants) and ruin the meal for everyone else around them.

    That's not enough to make you put down your phone? Check out these other negative effects of using your phone around your kids.

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    It's happening again. Yet another new iPhone is about to roll out, and if the rumors are to be believed, you can have your hands on one as early as tomorrow. An update like this can be both a blessing and a curse. It's awesome to see what kind of cool, new bells and whistles have been added. On the flip side, however, you may be a year or two away from that upgrade option. Now you look at your once beloved older model as some kind of ancient relic you are saddled with. But it could be worth shelling out the retail price for the new, new iPhone for these six reasons.

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    Smartphones. For all the amazing benefits they provide, they are also responsible for an international epidemic. We can't put them down no matter what is going on. In one particularly startling case, a man was shot on a commuter  train and no one looked up from their phones. I think it's crazy and clearly I'm not alone. I hear about more and more people going on "cell phone diets." And companies are even getting on the purge: Giorgio Armani pledge to donate clean water for a day to children in need if a people could stay off their smartphones for 10 minutes. So I decided to give it a try. I went without my cell phone for 24 hours and I'll be honest, it wasn't pretty.

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    The worst thing happened to me today, you guys. My iPhone froze. It was the black screen of death, and it wasn't coming back. No silver apple, no rainbow wheel of purgatory ... just deathy blackness.

    It was a rough day until I made my way to the genius bar this afternoon to get it diagnosed and fixed. You know when you realize how much you use your cellphone? When it stops working, that's when.

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    It seems like decades ago we were using rotary phones. Ah, that's because it was decades ago, wasn't it?! Can anyone else remember sitting on the couch or standing in the kitchen and letting their fingers dwindle on the rotary dial. Never mind whether you had to make an urgent call or not -- just placing that call was going to take minutes longer than it ever would on a cell! Remember what a dial tone sounded like? What about a busy signal? Can you even imagine not being able to get in touch with someone because he or she is already on the phone with someone else? Puh-leeze.

    It's easy for adults to forget the crazy, hazy days of rotary phones. Now imagine placing one in the hands of a 5-, 9-, or 13-year-old and expecting them to know how to even hold the prehistoric device. That's exactly what The Fine Brothers did and the children's reactions -- caught on video -- are priceless.

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    The other day on Facebook, one of my friends posted a question from Reddit that asked, “If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared today, what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them about life today?”

    The best answer was, “I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known to man. I use it to look at pictures of cats and get in arguments with strangers.

    True story, my friends. As awesome as technology is, there are a lot of ways that your iPhone (or Android or Windows phone or enter-smartphone-of-choice) is ruining your life.

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    Tech updates are all the rage right now, so it's no surprise that some of the hottest new toys on display at the 2014 Toy Fair feature smartphone and tablet capabilities. So instead of grumbling that technology has destroyed playtime, or that kid-friendly gadgets are harmful, let's embrace the new developments that will make everyone's lives so much easier.

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    Flappy Bird is an eight-bit bastard. It’s the newest smartphone game that everyone is talking about (and playing!), but if you think it’s going to involve some sort of strategy like Angry Birds or Candy Crush, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

    Your fingers tap control the tiny flight bursts of a hapless bird (graphically, I think my 5-year-old could draw something more complex). Your goal is to maneuver the tiny creature through a small passage between drainpipes protruding from the top and bottom of the screen.  

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